Believe It or Not….Christmas Begins Today!

I’m off!

It’s Christmastime! Did you realize that? The Christmas season officially began today…at least in retailing world it did!

There are several big stores running sales this weekend to get everyone in that spending state of mind. This can be a little frustrating for someone attempting to NOT spend money right now.

So, instead of moping about my current lack of funds, I decided to get out and join the crowds…. as a blogger mind you, NOT a shopper and, despite the current drought in my bank account, I had a great time.

The weather helped immensely. A big cold front blew in last night during the football game, so when I walked out this morning autumn color was on the ground and a slight chill was in the air. I flew open the sunroof, cranked up the music, and at 7:45 AM headed off to Stein Mart for their big 14 hour sale.

Beautiful day to shop

The ad promised a mystery gift for those in the door first and as I drove into the parking lot the line was beginning to form.

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Much to my pleasure, the line was mostly composed of the happiest 50+ shoppers you will ever meet. As we waited for the doors to open, we shared tales from Black Friday sales. One precious lady even takes grandchildren to Black Friday to stand in lines at 3AM! She said last year Target served hot cocoa to those waiting and the grandkids thought it was a party.

Line by 7:50AM

Once in the store I looked over some great offerings and decided I needed to get out soon before I got in trouble.

But, this one pair of earrings had my name all over them and would only be $9.00 with the newspaper coupon. Once again, the checkout line was long and moving slowly…but I actually made four sweet friends…one lives across the street from my former principal…one knows a classmate of my daughter…one just downsized to a condo and her house sold in only three weeks….and two were going for Christmas sweaters full of bling!

In front!

Tomorrow, I will share with you my favorite shopper from today’s sale!!! She is worth checking this blog to meet!

I just bought earrings…but had a wonderful time!

My purchase

Ready to Shop!

First at the door!

Black Friday Grandma to the

Psst…the mystery gift was a $5.00 gift card for use on another day…I guess I have to go back!


  1. I stopped at a mall on the way home from taking my husband to the airport and they had a sign up that they'd be open at Midnight on Thanksgiving.

    I hope that really meant Midnight on the day AFTER Thanksgiving!

  2. My husband and I were just discussing gifts last night. I'm not yet in the mood for this at all. It's great that people were in such good spirits and I will definitely be back to meet this shopper.

    On the 30/30 challenge, I'm not supposed to be shopping either. I've resorted to some of my DIY jewelry projects. It's HARD not to shop.

  3. How fun!! Christmas for us is going to be very simple this year, I really don't have patience with crowds. It's so funny that you mentioned that I should open up a shop because that is ABSOLUTELY what I would love to do. My friends suggest that to me all the time! Lookig forward to seeing the shopper you mentioned! ~Serene

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