What’s Black & White & Red All Over?
    Not a newspaper…a journalism teacher! Maybe that’s why I love this combination. I believe some of you will look at this and wonder if I was asleep in the closet this morning, but (in a quirky way) I really like the mixed up combo.
Where is that newspaper??
One thing about flower pins…every time I wear one, I get compliments all day long. There seems to be a happy response to a flower pin! I am so glad that they no longer mean “ELDERLY.” Since they were marketed for the younger fashionista, I believe to have floral on your jacket or in your hair is accepted as fun!
Sad how much hands age a person!
Thursdays are FASHION day in the Lifestyle Section of our daily newspaper and today’s feature was about “Updated Styles: Specialty retailers offering pieces that fit lifestyles, not trends, to broaden customer base.”
I underlined this paragraph: “Companies do understand that today’s woman does not live by age, but by lifestyle,” said retail expert Tom Julian, president of Tom Julian Group, a brand consulting firm. “These brands have a loyal customer base – sometimes urban, sometimes suburban – and these women are chic and modern, but not overly trendy. Many live for style, not fashion. Many mix and match versus dress head to toe from one look or label.” (San Antonio Express News; November 18, 2010; Page 2F)
Young-at-heart but not trendy is the message! They discuss the recent changes with retailers like Chicos, Ann Taylor, JC Penney, Talbots and Jones of New York. Last quote from a retired teacher: “I never used to shop at Talbots because the clothing looked very buttoned up. Now it seems they’ve loosened up and it’s much better.”
I completely agree with the Julian comments….as evidenced today, a very mixed up outfit!!
Sweater Jacket:  Dress Barn
Cami:  Avenue
Pinstripe Pant & Flower Pin: Lane Bryant
Boots: Ross
B & W Ring of Bling:  Premiere Jewelry
Mrs. Joy, my daily photographer, had a
great sweater look today!

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