I am one of “those” people…you know…we see the glass half full rather than half empty….and, I am well aware, annoys, the half empties. But, just because life is life, I also have my moments when I struggle with the “down and outs.” About eight years ago, I had to live with three children, one husband, my mother and my mother-in-law (MIL) in my MIL’s house!! My friends kept informing me that I was insane, but it was a necessary evil while we sold a house and purchased another. My mother was there to care for the MIL who broke her hip while chasing down our dog! Got the picture

I came out of that moment pretty scarred to say the least and thought I had lost my joy forever. Somehow though, I found it after turning 50 and going through a personal crisis…. an eye opening, defining moment.

So, this year, I plan to live with joy every day….no matter what comes my way! It’s a goal! We will see how I do, but the game plan is to:

1. Just take one day at a time…which means, I do not ponder the future a lot.

2. I do not take myself or my circumstances too seriously….laughing and singing are key parts of this!

3. I understand that I exist for a purpose and look each day for ways to fulfill it as a mother, wife, teacher, friend, writer, and now blogger.

4. I also know that I am not alone and have a place to go for refreshment, encouragement and guidance!

5. I desire to inspire and encourage as many people as possible for that brings joy to me.

It is very stylish to be JOYFUL! A smile can turn any outfit around!

Even when your umbrella is broken, choose joy!!

In honor of JOY, I chose this outfit! It represents joy to me and brings a smile for several reasons…..

1. I really love the royal blue!

2. This scarf was a surprise Christmas gift from a friend and I was really touched she thought of me.

3. When I wear this outfit, look in the mirror, I smile!

Hair looks gross because it is really raining and San Antonio
needs it!!  Rejoice!

Long Cardigan from Stein Mart

Black Travelers Cami from Chicos

Scarf, gift, from Ann Taylor’s Loft

Jeans, Lane Bryant

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