Please,  have A seat…let’s talk:

Who do we dress for? Not an easy question.

After I turned 50, I decided that I was too worried about what other people thought and I was going to begin to dress more for myself.

That was kind of liberating! I started to “get my act together” for me and not for anyone else. This set me free to really enjoy the world of fashion and clothing.

But, as in all things, there is a balance. If I know that my family (particularly, my husband), really hates something, then I probably will not wear it……at all.

This outfit is the most recent casualty. I was so excited to give a shorter skirt a try, so I put this together with the tights and boots. I was pretty proud of myself….until I modeled for my family.

“Is that a costume for something,” said my mother…who never chooses her words carefully.

I will not quote my husband. I do not want you to think badly of him. Needless to say, the skirt went back. Sometimes it just is not worth it…no matter what I think.

Thumbs Down from the panel
of judges!!

So, how do you handle it if your immediate family doesn’t like the look!!?

She looks great…her outfit is a keeper!

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