They hover everyday near my end of town where this
is lots of foliage and brush. 

Hormonal-Dysfunctional. That is what my 18 year old son labeled me in the car yesterday! “Mom is hormonal-dysfunctional.” He doesn’t understand what hormones have to do with anything, but he understands that I am very punchy!

My trip to meet a new woman doctor last week revealed that I have been on the wrong hormone replacement for a long time….which I suspected and that is one thing that led me to change doctors. The good news is that changing to the right one has a wealth of benefits…the bad news is, while in the midst of a change, as the doctor put it, “YOU MIGHT WANT TO HURT SOMEONE!”

Maybe, that is why I am so angry about buzzards! The buzzards are retailers who prey on the low self esteem of seasoned women in order to make a buck. On the day of my doctor visit, I opened the mail box to find a catalog which trumpted , “Comfort, fit, and value for the plus size woman….love what your wear!” It is a collection of oversized……cheap…..bad fabrics….frumpy….unflattering….poorly designed clothing.

Look how these two beautiful ladies are
made to appear in these unflattering

Elastic waist pants are one of the
worst fits and most unflattering
pieces a woman can put on
her body!!

It angers me. This type of clothing holds women in a trap of despondency….defeatism. I see so many who dress this way because they believe it is the only option. They have bought into the lie that because they are older and because they are heavier, they are sentenced to elastic waistbands, and dresses designed like fancy garbage bags. Or they are convinced that these are the only clothes they can afford.

Please join me in shooing off these buzzards! I hope to find a way to reach the ladies who purchase from catalogs like this one and show them other options. All they have to do is click a mouse and go the the blogs. …..they will find inspiration and ideas there for every age and every size. There is no reason to hide in the pages of catalogs like this and allow life to shut them down.

Even skinny models look big in these shirts!

Beware of the Buzzards!!

Meanwhile….you might find members of my family….students from my school…..and friends…hiding in the brush somewhere waiting for that all important hormone prescription to kick in!!

Now, for the FUN big announcement I have tweeted about…..Our local newspaper, The San Antonio Express News, has added a version of this blog to their City Brights Blog Page on their website. We officially kicked off this weekend. I am going to be learning Word Press and I am so excited to see how this is received! As they transition to Word Press, we cannot add pictures for now…but it is in the works!

Thank goodness there is a place for the hormonal
dysfunctional of the world!!

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