Last night was a typically busy one…I met with a wedding planner after school, rushed home, met my husband and friends for dinner, and headed over to a high school basketball game. What wasn’t typical is when we got home, we discovered a break in!

While waiting on police I processed what did happen and what could have happened. When I rushed home, I placed my lap top on the bed and my camera was right beside it. I can remember thinking I don’t have time to set it up on the desk, so I tossed a blanket over it. Not my normal behavior, but quite possibly Divine Intervention. It was sitting all snug under the blanket…next to a pillow which lost its pillow case to the robbers so they had a bag to fill.

My lap top is fairly new…not yet a year old…and I have never backed up the files. Since becoming a blogger (now of two blogs), I would have been devastated if the lap top was gone….not valuable to anyone but me. My document….interviews…notes…some un-uploaded pictures….all stored….what I thought, was safely here.

Now, I am just mad…we have a window to replace and much cleanup work on an already busy Saturday. For those of you who read this blog regularly, you know that I just cleaned and organized the closet…well, I have to go do it again….they threw jewelry and other items literally everywhere.

I learned a lesson and will back things up immediately! If you are like me… might want to do the same!

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