For those of you on the tour, to your left you are looking at a deep, dark abyss! A room so frightening the family members have feared the cat, which disappeared last year, would be found in this room! Since entering the blogosphere, the closet owner has been seen in there screaming, crying, and kicking piles around.

Yes, this is what has been hanging over my head! In order for this year to be peaceful and enjoyable, I have known the problem must be dealt with. I avoided it all of Christmas vacation, because I just did not know what to do!! While I have been healed of my thrifting addiction, I am still to this day addicted to scarves and bracelets. They are my favorite! A great scarf can turn any outfit into a work of art and make it look like you spent hours on the masterpiece! What to do with all of the scarves has been a major issue for me.

But two nights ago, as I lay in bed pondering the issue, a solution came to me! A HAT RACK! A hat rack would be perfect because all of the scarves could hang around it and it would be easy for me to view them all at once. The only place to put the hat rack was by the bathtub and I needed to create a look on that wall to make it seem that the hat rack was not a mistake. Side note: We do not use our bath tub. It has a draining problem and requires expensive plumbers, so it pretty much just sits there.

So, this morning I was off to ROSS. I found exactly what I was looking for…a beautiful, gold hat rack with many loops and curls at the top (perfect for draping an embarrassing amount of scarves through) and it was only $39. I also purchased a cute wicker laundry basket to replace our old beat up plastic one. I already had a bamboo & iron hook rack that wasn’t being used which would easily hold a few necklaces and add to the atmosphere around the tub.

Then it was time to get to work:

1. I weeded out! A pile for Goodwill began to grow.

2. I took two antique suitcases from an upstairs bedroom. One now holds purses and the other holds little items I wanted to hang on to just in case I needed them for photography props.

3. I moved a couple of extra lamp shades from my closet to under the stairs.

4. I took the Tupperware box over flowing with bracelets and put all of them in a beautiful tin holder which I purchased at ROSS for $7. It not only held them all…there is room for a little more and it looks pretty when you look into the closet!

The bracelets new home!!
Bracelets old home!

5. In the past year, I have lost some weight and hope to continue on that path. But, just in case, I folded some of the nicer pants which are big on me now and placed them on a shelf! I did take some of the nicer tops now too big to resale. Hopefully, next fall, I will feel confident to take the pants to resale as well.

6. Then, I hung everything by color and in sections. There are skirts, dresses, pants, jackets, and tops. I have never hung by color before and I think that will save some time.

7. Things you cannot see: On shelves to either side of the closet doors are shoes, earring boxes (I use craft bead boxes for earrings), camiis and tanks. On the wall behind the closet doors are decorative hooks where necklaces hang.

8. I did not find the cat….but I did find the cute rug!! I knew it was under there somewhere!

9. My heavy coats and trenches are hanging in our closet under the stairs.

I feel so good that this is done! I really like it…and I did weed out! Don’t give me too hard of a time about the scarves. After looking at the hat rack (which I wish I had pictured before I loaded it up), I do not think I will purchase a scarf for a very long time!!!! I am writing before my husband gets home, so I do not know what he will think of all the scarves and the boutique look around the tub! But, it makes me feel better!!

 Now I am really ready to tackle 2011 and all that it holds!

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