Ann Klein Top – Thrift
Ralph Lauren Brown Sweater (old) – Macys
Coldwater Creek Brown Trousers
Scarf – Ross
Dana Buchman Bracelet – Kohls
Boots – Stein Mart

Ladies, my name is Pam and I am a Thriftaholic! That would have been my introduction a few years ago…during the time when I was a stay at home mom with young ones about. I loved to feel like I was saving money with regular trips to Goodwill and garage sales. Deep down…I love a treasure hunt! (Some day, I will tell the story of the teen star from a Mary Kate & Ashley Movie I found working the register at Goodwill for his community service after a drug conviction…I had to go get my teenage daughter and bring her back, but I digress). Sad to say, it got a bit out of hand…for me it was addictive. I ended up with piles of poorly fitting, slightly crazed outfits which I rarely wore. I know now it would have been better to just save the money in a jar and go purchase some nicer pieces which fit my body type.

You know you have a problem when you tell the family you are just running over to Goodwill for a few minutes and everyone screams NO! When I did my early 50s purge and makeover, most of those items went right back to Goodwill and I went cold turkey for several years. Since beginning the blog, there are so many creative, cute, talented thrift stylists that my desire has been returning big time. I can confidently say that I am more mature…understand style and fashion better….and understand my body type and dressing it better. So, the week after Christmas…for the first time in a long time…I entered the doors of Goodwill!! (I immediately saw a new designer wear section…could it be in my honor??)

I have to admit it was nice to be back, but I was very careful and determined with my shopping. It is not easy to find quality pieces for the larger, curvier body types. We have to make sure and take into consideration how much money we might need to spend on alterations in order to make the pieces fit in a flattering manner. Which in that case, it might make more sense just to buy new! Oh, there are many enticing morsels inside a thrift store which are oversized & unflattering …they are screaming at the frustrated plus size woman, “Buy Me in the Name of Creativity.” But, then money goes out the window. I tried on about twenty pieces and walked out with three tops ($3 each) and a $1 gold belt. My favorite find was this Ann Klein top I have pictured here…I love the detail on the cuffs and the collar. Mission accomplished! I believe I can now thrift with a good head on my shoulders. Therefore, in 2011, I plan to do a little thrifting…..and hopefully the addiction will not return!!

Love the detailing on the cuffs and collar
My mothers earrings…both have a brown spot
so it looks intentional.  But, the screw on backs
hurt like crazy by the end of the work day!

“Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.” ~Benjamin Franklin

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