I have learned several techniques to look smaller than I am:  Elongating my look
with the cardigan and long necklace; dark denim over any other wash; and thinner
materials when I can!!

Hindsight. The mention of the word drives chills up my spine because it means that I messed up somewhere and now see it. I guess the important part is that I now see it.

I soared through the majority of my 40s not caring about my own health or my weight. It annoyed me, but not enough to do something about it.

It is interesting to me that at the same time I have accepted my body type and have learned how to dress it, I also have learned that I must lose some weight in order to be healthy and, hopefully, live longer.

Priority Number 5! In 2011, I will become a healthier person by eating healthy and establishing some kind of regular exercise program. I was doing wonderful with walking every day until my mother moved in with me. But, now that she is safely tucked away in assisted living, I have NO excuse and need to get back out there. The reason I am not focusing on losing weight is that I believe that if my focus is GOOD HEALTH, the weight will come off. I have spent years failing at losing weight, but now I very much want to succeed in the HEALTHY area.

In this outfit, I feel thin!!
Coldwater Creek Green Blouse
Slate Grey Cardiagan from Marshall’s
Coldwater Creek Dark Denim

In order to glean from the “experts,” I have composed a panel of women over 50 to discuss healthy eating habits. I hope this will also assist younger women!! Then the word HINDSIGHT will not torment them as it does me.

WELCOME TO THE FIRST OVER 50 PANEL DISCUSSION (Maybe someday, this will be on video):

1. How have your eating habits changed since you crossed over the big 5-0?

Jan (55) – In the past year, I stopped eating wheat – huge difference! I lost weight – and it’s staying off! The swelling in my arthritic fingers – that used to wake me up at night in pain – has gone away. Without the wheat, I started eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking more water. I only drink coffee “socially” now (maybe one cup a week). I crave salty foods – like Salt & Pepper Chips, Yum – now more than I do sweets.

Karen (53) – I eat the same things, but not as much and I try to eat less prepackaged foods.

Lee (58) – Eating less meat…mostly chicken; eating more salads and vegetables; and eating less sweets.

Dorothy (62) – My eating habits have changed a lot because I do not burn calories like I used to when I was younger. I have cut my portions down considerably because quantity is so important.

Gail (54) – I have learned that foods that may cause me to gain weight faster may not cause another woman to gain weight and I cannot let that influence me. Our bodies are unique to each one of us. Now, I eat NO sugar. I stay away from any kind of soda, diet or otherwise; pasta; bread (although I love it); potatoes, and I limit my cheese. I drink a lot more water every day. I try to eat only fresh veggies and a diet low on the glycemic index. I try to stay out of the middle of the grocery store and just keep to the fresh meats and veggies while limiting my dairy intake.

Linda (71) – I eat pure vegetables, no fat, no sugar, no oils, and eat nothing that has a Mother!

Carol (54) – I can’t eat as much as I used to without gaining weight, even if I exercise. Can’t eat as much fatty foods. A hamburger and French fries will now upset my stomach and make me feel bloated.

Nancy (56) – The main habit that has changed is that I actually THINK about my food choices previously, if it was there and I wanted it, I ate with no regard to the positive or negative qualities. Now I weigh (no pun intended) my options and make more intentional healthy choices. My unhealthy choices are also intentional….I am not a Saint! Another change in habits is that I eat very little white flour products and lots of whole grains. At first, it was a sacrifice, but now I prefer them.

(Now for the remainder of this discussion, including advice for younger women and a great recipe, click on the new page I have added called OVER 50 PANEL!)

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