Lane Bryant Jacket
Simply Vera Top: Kohl’s
Bracelets: Avenue
Earrings:  Stein Mart

While watching WHAT NOT TO WEAR last night, one of Stacy London’s outfits caught my attention.

When shopping with the woman hiding behind clown outfits (trust me that was the story line), Stacy wore a simple black blazer, skinny black pants, and a T shirt sporting a  graphic design of white, black, and silver gray. My thoughts immediately went to a Simply Vera T I purchased last year at KOHL’S and have worn  only twice.

So, Stacy became my inspiration for today’s look. Though she is more than likely a size 0-2, and I….well, we don’t need to go there… I feel like I have captured in this look what I liked about her style on TV. This morning my scales delivered the good news that I am down 16 pounds…let’s hear a cheer…and as you can see my new Coldwater Creek dark denims that I got for Christmas are quickly getting too big….I may be forced to go shopping. But it is difficult to know exactly when to shop, because I want to lose a lot more weight. I may have to go to skirts for a longer period of time…while I work through the pants issue. My perception is that it would be easier to find more reasonably priced skirts and dresses while I wait on the bottom portion.

My droopy drawers are not Stacy’s skinny pants
but I am on my way…watch out London!

I just do not have a great amount of discretionary income, so it is hard to know exactly when to shop when in the midst of a weight loss program. Any recommendations?????


I really want to get to know those of you have become so faithful to follow and comment on this blog. Therefore, I am going to begin now to occasionally respond to your comments. So, start checking back for my responses and to see if you would like to keep a conversation going!!

Gigi looked so fabulous today I just had to
post her look!!

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