On Sale $11 Jacket: Stein Mart
Print Blouse: Lane Bryant
Brown Trousers: Coldwater Creek
Shoes: Marshall’s
Steve Madden Belt: Ross

After working in public relations for a few years, I know there are many studies to tell retailers the buying habits of women. Researchers are constantly seeking….what is the one factor motivating you to purchase a particular piece?

I often attempt to chart a pattern in myself, and I know that some patterns presently exist whereas, before I hit my 50s, I was all over the map with my reasons to buy. After working in the industry, I am much more aware of the techniques used to motivate a purchase…it might be the display or the music on the sound system, but all of us, at various times, are pretty much manipulated by marketers in one fashion or another.

I thought of this today when I dressed for work, because I bought this top for one reason only….I loved the print!! Fortunately, the top fit well and has versatility, but I loved this print so much….I probably would have purchased it any way. I gravitate toward these colors: purple, rust, black, brown, and military green as my favorites. But, in the past year, I have attempted to add more variety so that I am not in a rut.

Buying habits?? Sometime, when I am not planning weddings, I might do some research on our 50+ age group and see if I can draw any conclusions!!

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