And a one…and a two….let’s polka every bawdy…..that was my Saturday nights growing up.  At 6:00 every Saturday, my parents sat down to watch the Lawrence Welk Hour and it seemed every week there was a polka segment with an accordian. You didn’t make noise in the house during Welk, so eventually my brothers and I gave up and watched with them.  This memory makes me feel really old…

Blouse & Denim: Lane Bryant
Camp Shirt: Kohls
Recent Garage Sale Score: Kate Spade Dots

POLKA DOTS, on the other hand, make me feel young!  I suppose this is because I have worn polka dots from baby on up!  I always feel youthful and joyful in something with a polka dot pattern. So join us in the joy and catch all of the spotted fever @ Everybody,Everywear.

Fun Spotted Headbands!!

Style & Co, Dots: Macys
Chico’s Cardi

Bracelets: Lane Bryant

Same Shirt, Dressed UP!
RED Cardigan: Marshalls

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