Having Some Fun Now!

Blouse, Skirt, Tights: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Chicos
 Miss Bison Shoes: Consignment Shop

Though I was a little whiny yesterday, do not let that hide the fact that I am having some fun now! Clothes in my closet which have been too small are finally fitting! I am down two sizes as of a year ago!! I really feel great!

Yesterday, while driving past Lane Bryant, signs in the window screamed at me “40% OFF EVERYTHING IN THE STORE TODAY!” I just had to go in…Right? The jeans I was wearing when I went into the store have become so baggy, they are frumpy and a little embarrassing. I walked out later with this skirt…some jeggings (which I thought I would never buy and actually scoffed at)…a pair of fun tights…denim, cuffed capris…and a khaki shirt dress. It was so much fun to try on items in smaller sizes!!

My husband purchased this coral jacket for me years ago at Chico’s.  He loves the fact that I can once again wear it!!  I have read that coral is a universal color…meaning it looks good on all women!  That makes it very special in my eyes…..

Accessories:  Cuff Bracelet: Avon
$2.99 Ring: Lane Bryant
Belt: Kohls

Ladies, your encouragement, and concern have really touched me. Rose commented on the chance of getting cancer from a diet like the HCG. I have been in journalism since high school, and I love and feed off of research. In researching this diet, I have prayerfully considered the pros and cons. I do not see statistics or support for this diet leading to breast cancer. But, I have gone into this with eyes wide open, knowing it is controversial. This beginning phase ends one week from Thursday, then I will enter a diet similar to Weight Watchers. I have a close friend who has kept her weight off for a year after doing the diet. It will be up to me. I am anxious to see blood tests in about three weeks and gauge how the cholesterol levels are. I do not have a history of cancer in my family, but there is a big history of heart disease and I entered this diet with that in mind. I hope it will jump start me into a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Thank you Rose and everyone for your input!

So, excited about tomorrow….POLKA DOTS!!


  1. You look fantastic in skirts, Pam. I keep on telling you heheheh.
    Fantastic about going off this diet. Do tell us your blood results.

  2. You look wonderful. I love the ring and the jacket rings my bell. Way to go on the weight loss. I am starting again. I hope it goes better for me this time.

  3. I'm so glad that you took the time to give yourself a reward for all of your hard work in getting that weight off! I'm looking forward to seeing your new outfits – sounds like you got some great basics.

    I lost weight for my health: my dad died of a heart attack at the age of 55, and his cholestrol was through the roof. His father also died at a very young age (in his early 50s). My own cholestrol and blood pressure were aweful, and my doctor had sent me for an EKG. When I went back to see him after I lost my 50lbs (through WW), he was astounded at how much better everything was. Good for you for taking the steps to look after your health!

  4. Theres your beautiful smiling face.. you look awesome. .and 2 sizes smaller than a year ago is a big deal!! great work!! love your red ring too by the way.. I love big rings!! xoxo J

  5. you are looking great! down 17 – awesome! I'm happy you have a doc to help you navigate the diet. Love your skirt today. What is the Polka Dot thing tomorrow? I've missed it.

  6. I'm glad to know that the shot part of the diet is just temporary! Transitioning to a more traditional diet-plan makes the diet seem much more sustainable.

    Looking at your post with the dinner from the potential wedding caterer I think you should aim to always be a "taco short" of a full platter 🙂

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