TX Style Council: Panel 2 & 3: From Careers to Burnout…and Kendi Too!

TX Style Council Bloggers Conference

Panel 2: Careers: Using Your Blog as a Career & Sales Springboard

Panelists: Kelly of The Glamourai; Brooke of Fashism Janette of Store Envy   Pamela of Market Publique; Kendra of Digital Brand Architects; Nora with Burda Style.

Kelly of The Glamourai (L) and
Janette of Store Envy (R)

It was obvious from the beginning of the day on Sunday; there were a couple of bloggers at the conference who had garnered the respect and even Hollywood-type fame with the others. When I was selecting the sessions I would attend, one blogger said to me, “You have to go to Kendi’s even if you don’t need it…after all it’s (sigh) KENDI.” (Kendi of Kendi Everyday) Later in the day, I got to see Kendi’s style, charm, and sense of humor…so I completely understood! Kelly of The Glamourai was not originally on this panel, but when she walked in and sat down there was a gasp in the audience and applause. She had the respect of those in attendance.

Kendi…the rock star!! She is in
a later panel, but it was past time
to mention her!

Kelly explained that she graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in fashion design. She headed off to New York and was able to get tons of experience, but she said quite seriously, “The fashion world is suffering right now and going through many changes. The most exciting things happening in fashion are happening online.” She works with Kendra, who is a manager for bloggers with potential to do more, such as television and authoring books…this is another unique, changing times idea!

The moments from this panel that stood out to me were:

1. Janette stressed how blogs do not have to fit old models. She launched a successful T-shirt line as an extension of her blog.

2. Nora said that she wanted to be a platform for others to succeed and that is how Burda Style grew to be so successful. She recommended that you give an authentic, engaging, experience on your site. Time ran out, but Nora felt strongly that if you have ideas, you should share them with others. I will have to ask her someday, why she wanted to discuss that topic so much.  Clearly, others disagreed and worried about ideas being stolen…not Nora.

3. Pamela said to think BIG. Bring people together in a passionate community. Create look books. Do collaborations.

4. Brooke said to take every meeting that comes your way. Reach out to people that you notice and like what they are doing. Look for ways to solicit more audience interaction.

Panel 3: Longevity: Keeping It Fresh Year after Year

Panelists: Jennine of IFB and The Coveted; Katy of Kansas Couture; Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk Moderator: Grechen of Grechen Closet.

This panel was centered around how to stay motivated and avoid burnout. Kyla does the most frequent posting, 5-7 times per week. Jeannine is the most disciplined as she has a posting schedule; an editorial calendar; and sets boundaries between family and work. She takes weekends off from work…which means closing the computer and walking away.


Here are the highlights:

1. Jeannine said to make it a habit to show up every day…like you would to an office. Show up even if you do not feel like it! Look for what you enjoy and do more of it. Remember, perfect is the enemy of good, so do not lag behind because you do not think the blog is perfect. Also, fulfillment is the anecdote to burnout…make sure you can be in that moment and not lose out… once again, do more of what you enjoy

2. Kyla said motivation for her is going back to basics and the place where she started. When dry of ideas, she recommends going to the blogging community for inspiration. Make sure to set boundaries. Burnout comes from pressure, we put on ourselves.

3. Katy – If burnout has set in, take a few days off look for inspiration. Don’t let your blog get in the way of your real life. Write posts and save them up when you are inspired….take advantage of the inspiration.


There’s only a little bit more to share before I wrap this up!   But tomorrow I will join others in a Day of Silence and fundraising for the people of Japan.  I would like to encourage all of you to participate in some way!!

Katy’s cool shoes!!!
Jennine!….also cool shoes!


  1. Hi Pam, I am so glad you are sharing these tips with all of us. About Nora's advice, I agree, you have to put your ideas out there, you cannot hoard stuff thinking someone will steal it. I think most bloggers have a way of putting their own spin on any given 'idea' so even if someone is shopping in the same closet (so to speak), what they come up with is going to different from what you came up with.

  2. Jill, great comments…I am going to guess that Nora shared her idea for Burda Style…and look at the great success it has had!! You are so right about the different spins that are out there!

  3. Wow! I wish I could have been a fly on the wall… Thanks for sharing!
    btw, I thought about you and your beautiful stick bouquet as I was making my Easter wreath the other day. Please check it out.
    I also thought "hmm, Pam could use her branches as jewelry holder". You know those jewelry hangers and organizers are handy but so expensive. Your sticks have a perfect shape for that….
    anyway, just wanted to let you know i though about you.

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