Jacket : Stein Mart
Top: Marshalls
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Headband & Shoes: Target

Last Friday morning, my daughter and I went to a cake tasting for her wedding. According to my sweet baby J, I attacked the cake and left her only two bites!! She said she looked away for a moment and when she looked back….only crumbs!

While I do think she exaggerates a bit, I confess that I have missed cake…and cupcakes…and ice cream…and brownies!! (Sigh) But the really great news is that after 45 days, I am down 22 pounds and need to keep it going…so no more cake! Last spring, I was a size 20W….today, I am on the fine line between several different sizes depending on the store and the designer or brand. Therefore, clothes shopping can be very frustrating. In some places, I am a 16W. In others, the 16W is too big. In others, I am a clear 16 with no W!! (thank you Talbots and Jones of New York). I still do not understand why there has to be so much difference, but it does force me to take time to try things on before the purchase.

Bracelet:  Stein Mart

I have taken almost all of the 20 sized clothes to resale ….not going back there ever…and I am rapidly beginning to weed out all of the 18s. Styling clothes these days can be a challenge. I tend to be on the line between too baggy or too tight, with only a few items which now fit perfectly.

I am wondering…how some of you handle it when you are between sizes. Do you not shop at all or do you have any advice for those of us in between? I would love to hear any suggestions.

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