Is Springtime Light or Dark? Also, Special Ticket Giveaway!!

Saturated Green Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Grey Silk Jacket: Chicos
Pink Capris: Lane Bryant

Sometimes I forget that so many in my age group still are affected by the antiquated rules of fashion….but it does pop up occasionally in conversation. Recently, a lady asked me if we should only wear pastel, light colors in the spring and summer. She said that growing up women only wore light blue, light pink, light yellow, and on and on, during warmer weather months.

I shouted a resounding NO! Of course, not. In fact, (back to the book of What Not To Wear), Stacy London once advised that older women should mostly wear saturated colors….the deep rich expression of any color. I find that I am drawn to the more saturated colors rather than the pastels….but what is so great about modern day fashion is that you can wear either one…whatever YOUR pleasure.

 Yesterday, I went for both…light pink on the bottom….and saturated forest green on the top!!

Gold Flats by Wanted:  Marshalls

Attention any readers in the San Antonio area!!! I have ten giveaway tickets for this weekend’s Fashion & Passion Women’s Weekend. The first ten women to email me at will get the tickets! Or the first five who ask for two tickets so they can bring a friend….either way….this saves you $10 at the door!!!

Gold Necklace: Avenue
Gold Bracelet: Kohls
Floral Scarf: Lane Bryant


  1. I think the colors you wear and when you wear them can also be influenced by the climate where you live.

    The Mid-Atlantic region has a lot of cloud cover. I move out of pastels in certain months because they just don't "go" with the season.

  2. I heartily agree with you – wear whatever colours you want, so long as you feel good in them! I would hate to wear pastels (they totally wash me out). Ugh.

    Love your gold flats, Pam!

  3. I agree with RoseAG, the season affects my color choices. I have dull, dark sweaters but my tank tops are full of color. After winter I really need to see some color. I did take your advice and wore a very colorful jacket with a teal shirt under it on tuesday, that night I had on a deep purple t-shirt under a bright red shirt, and yesterday I wore a turquiose over a colorful tee. Sunshine and color makes me feel good!

  4. This is a good post for me. I still hyperventilate when I wear white pants before Memorial Day. Old habits die hard but I am pushing my comfort level. Thanks for the reminder to break the rules. I also love your references to Clinton and Stacy. I have learned A LOT from them.

  5. I agree with you about color. I always tell my clients to put the colorful item close to their face and if it makes you look like a corpse, it's not for you. But wearing that color on the bottom is totally fine. As long as it's not neon green. Nobody should be wearing that. LOL.

    I love this look on you. Casual and chic!


  6. I agree that you should wear whatever colors you want. Pastels don't look the best on me, so I think I will continue to wear saturated colors for the rest of my life.

  7. Thanks so much for your comment. You are right, my primary purpose is ever changing, and that's a great idea to reach out more instead of trying to build numbers, try new apps and so forth……..
    (i lost a follower today LOL 😉
    Maybe that was a sign?????????
    Love you !

  8. One of my favorite outfits of yours
    As to the wearing certain colors certain times of the year…
    I will have to go with wear the colors that go best with your skin tones.
    There are certain colors I could never pull off no matter what time of the year it is.

  9. glad you mentioned the shirt was green, because i absolutely love a green + pink combo. i'm trying to acquire these two colors so that i can wear them together!!

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