This is the time in San Antonio when the city hosts one big party for two weeks. As I have written before, Fiesta is over 100 years old and is one of the charming, cultural celebrations in this city. We are the only major city (that I know of) which will shut down next Friday (schools included) for a parade…the Battle of Flowers stretches throughout downtown and culminates in front of the Alamo. We begin the week on Monday night with the only River Parade in the U.S. and with Eva Longoria serving as this year’s grand marshal. If you like crowds, food, royalty, music and fun….San Antonio is the place to be. Behind the scenes, Fiesta raises much money for local charities and the local economy….therefore, eyes are closed, heads turned and a lot is tolerated over the two weeks!

Jacket: Otra Vez Consignment
Shell: Chicos
Denim: Lane Bryant
Purse: Buffalo Exchange

Fiesta fashion centers around one word: COLOR…the more you wear, the better. Accessories include flower wreaths for the hair, multi-colored ribbons, medals from every cause and organization, and of course, Cascarones. During the month of February, when the Livestock Show & Rodeo is in town, the city hosts a COWBOY BREAKFAST and feeds over 50,000 for free (usually on very chilly mornings). All of the eggshells from the Cowboy Breakfast, become CASCARONES for Fiesta. All you have to do, is gently break the top of the egg, dye the shell bright colors, fill it with confetti, cover with colored tissue paper, and then SMASH it on top of whoever is standing closest to you!!!! WOW, I think this is my second DIY project in the history of this blog!

For your hair…and everywhere!

Most important on Fiesta is to be joyful, have fun, and be patient!!

Only wear when dancing!! 

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