I met this dress for the first time yesterday…it was love at first sight!  The day was spent looking for an escort (dress!) to my daughter’s wedding and we met by chance in a boutique called Town and Country.  But, alas, this relationship is already on the rocks, because this Jovani Gown is $789!!!  That is over budget for the Mother of the Bride dress!!  My sweet husband said, “Do you think you would wear it again?” 
I have anticipated an invitation for an affair at the White House for years…but I am still waiting!  My sons will probably want to marry in the middle of summer, by a Texas River, in a jeans & boots affair.  So I winced and said sadly, “Not really.”

Shopping for the dress was so stressful.  The really beautiful, affordable sizes do not reach Size 16!  The ones that do are mostly matronly.  My weight loss has created a weird body with a tiny top and still larger hips.  Any dress I tried on would need tailoring.

Gigi went with me and finally convinced me to get a bra fitting at Nordstrom’s and find new undergarments.  Again, I was wearing things too big and ill fitting since the diet. 

Gigi tried on this fabulous St. John’s
coat at Off 5th!  It was only $600!!  We love this
world, but do not live in it!!!

This gown was the only time I looked in the mirror and thought WOW!  So I guess I will keep looking, but now that I know alterations will be required… the pressure is on.

Close up of Jovani

With a tear in my eye, I kiss Jovani good-bye and dream of the moments we would have spent together!!

Good bye My Love!!!

This gown was not a wedding choice….I
just loved it!!

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