Gigi looks fierce in her Stein Mart
jacket and Target skirt!


Gigi and I share many things in common…our love of fashion, art, colors, design, and our ridiculously low shopping budgets. Recently (but separately), we both discovered great skirts for just $15 and we happened to wear them on the same day.

Gigi found hers at TARGET and she really did get an awesome deal. If you examine this skirt closely, the fabric and rich gold tones make it easy to pass for a much more expensive skirt. She created a fabulous classy style with some beautiful gold jewelry and gold sandals.

Fabric looks so expensive!

Mine was more casual, but came from KOHL’S. I had to pair the sale price with a coupon to get it for $15, but was very pleased with the results. This is the second time I have styled it for the blog and the biggest difference here are the fun Born Concept hot-pink sandals and the jewelry. I matched the sandals with a touch of pink in the earrings, and then I matched a fun ring with my nail polish. I really liked the more subtle touch of color since I am often over the top with it. We enjoyed complimenting each other for our great shopping skills and then went back to checking out our little munchkins for the school year!!

Jacket: Lane Bryant
Skirt: Kohls
Shoes: Marshalls

What has been your favorite way to spend fifteen dollars lately?

Ring: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Lane Bryant
Shoes: Marshalls
Essie Polish

Also, be sure and check out my profile on Collette’s Twitter Tuesday feature!  It was fun to answer her questions!!

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