Yes, You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks!

The word ELATION has come off my wall
so that the room can be painted…so I
added a touch!!
Shirt Dress: Lane Bryant
Jacket: Chicos
Shoes: Target

As soon as I typed this cliché, I wondered where it came from. The first time it was used in written literature was in 1534 by John Fitzherbert and was intended to illustrate that old dogs and old people learn less well than the young.

I would like to take issue with that statement…I teach high school and sometimes that is just not true!! But, I digress…. today’s outfit is a new trick I learned on the blogs…I have just never done this before.

The trick is to cover the top of a dress in order to create a skirt-appearance. I am sure some of you are thinking…Seriously, she has never done this?? But I first noticed it on What I Wore 2day with Kasmira. ….in fact, she does it a lot and since then I have wanted to give it a try. So, here is my try…instead of purchasing a khaki skirt, I just covered the top of my khaki shirt dress.

I must say…I really like the look! Woof, Woof…this dog’s still got a few tricks!!

Scarf:  Forever 21
Ring:  Lane Bryant
Belt:  Chicos
Bracelet: Kohls

Have you done this before or is it news to you?


  1. I've never tried it either, because I don't own any dresses! I never buy them because I think they're not versatile enough. But if you can wear them like skirts OR dresses … (lightbulb goes off). Your whole look is great, but once again, it's the jewelry and scarf that take my breath away.

  2. You look fabulous. In my post for tomorrow, you'll see that I'm doing the same thing. I'm actually wearing a top over a dress. It's a great way to extend one's wardrobe.

  3. I've done that.

    You can get a trimmer fit with a belted jacket if you put a waistbandless dress under the jacket.

    I always cruise the dress-rack at discount stores because often there are good buys on dresses that aren't all that wearable by themselves but do well with another top.

  4. Yes, the first time I ever did it was during the 30X30 remix. Such a cool idea. I am loving this jacket you have on. The color looks so rich and the details are fab.

  5. I've done this a couple of times actually! Love your take on it, I'm searching for a great shirt-dress. I don't have many dresses long enough or simple enough to layer but I'm growing my collection! You can check out my blog to see my layered look!

  6. You look great and I love the ring! I've tried this trick before but it doesn't look so good on me. I can do layers but they have to stop at my waist.

  7. I'm glad you could use the trick! Next you'll have to try a dress over a dress or a skirt over a dress!

    You look awesome!

  8. You are so funny. You did this look perfectly. And aren't you excited about how many more outfits you have now? You can do this with all your dresses.


  9. I did this for the first time ever last week. Melissa at A Working Mom's Closet inspired me. I loved the look and I felt like I was adding a whole new SKIRT to my mix. It was SO awesome!!

    You look great – Happy Wednesday!

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