My home away from home for the past seven years!

 For all new readers, please allow me to give you a brief history of my style awakening. When I turned 50, my driver’s license picture actually was a wakeup call. I saw a tired, old woman who had really given up on her own life…she lived life through her children and her students. That picture set me on a new path to return.

I was overweight. I had been ever since I first became pregnant….each child was just an excuse to remain that way. My chosen method for dealing with the weight was to wear oversized clothing…cheap clothing…men’s clothing….frumpy clothing. I was one of the disillusioned who believed XXXLarge T shirts actually covered up the problem….I was wrong.

Another good place for full figured girls,
and great jewelry!!

I have written early posts about the important role that WHAT NOT WEAR played in my life at this time. I knew I needed to “embrace my body” right where I was…suck it up….and wear clothes which fit the body I had. My first stop was Catherine’s, though I do not really know why. I remember standing in that store and looking around absolutely horrified. The clothing looked like what I was attempting to be free of and made me feel older not age appropriate.

So, I walked next door to Lane Bryant, and for the next seven years, I walked in their door almost weekly. Lane Bryant introduced me to youthful, appropriate, trendy, fitted clothing which helped me regain my confidence and have fun doing it. Occasionally, I would venture down the block to Avenue, but it was really LB where I found exactly what I was looking for. The sales women were friendly and helpful and some became friends who I enjoyed stopping by to visit.

So, this post is bittersweet. My body no longer looks good in the women’s sized clothing. The pants I have purchased during the time of my diet are now baggy. I no longer need Lane Bryant…..but I am so grateful they were there and are there for others like me. In a weird way, their clothing set me on the path which eventually led to the diet and no longer a need for them. They fill a huge void in the fashion industry, for full figured women who want to look fabulous. I would recommend anyone walking around in oversized clothing to start now, this minute with a trip to LB for a new look. I am so very thankful and really do bid them a fond farewell!!

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