Men will not like this post. Why? Sometimes truth hurts. But, for the most part, women were created to be the ones who can most effectively multitask. Today, across America you will find men sitting in their lounge chairs after work struggling with a remote….while in the kitchen a woman talks on the phone, cooks dinner, changes out laundry cycles, feeds the dog, and does homework with a child…all at the same time!

We most often wear the majority of hats…whether single, married, or retired…women easily accept different roles. We are the relational ones who want the hats…after all not many guys go to the restroom together! Right?

We have a career hat…mom hat…grandmother hat…volunteer hat…wife hat….friend hat…daughter hat…aunt hat….and also special talents hats! I wrote out all of my duties as a mother once and it was too long to post here but included baker, cook, teacher, party planner (now wedding planner), taxi, maid, etc. etc.

My question today is HOW DO YOU DRESS FOR ALL THE HATS? As a woman on a teacher’s income, I have to make certain that my wardrobe serves many purposes. I try to think of all of the mileage I can get before I make a purchase. As I stated in my previous post, I did this when I picked the wedding outfit. Mileage is an important plus for me.

Are there any of you who buy in sections: outfits for work, outfits for play, outfits for dates, etc?? Please share with us how that strategy works. Or are some of you like me…seeking multitasking for the wardrobe as well!!

  Please join in the conversation….I have to go now and put on the teacher hat!!

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