…..I’m not just talking about the groom!! I am talking about the wedding. When my daughter and I began to work on her wedding last January, she had very specific goals in mind:

1. She wanted the wedding reception to be fun!

2. She wanted a romantic, vintage feel to both.

3. She wanted the ceremony to be reverent and meaningful.

Well, she got it all. A fabulous, romantic night on top of the world.  Now, my desire is NOT to have this blog become a FACE BOOK page with pictures of people you do not know or care about, but I hope to divide the last few days into some topics which may be of interest to you. All I really want to do today (since I am still battling fatigue) is tell you that the last three days were clothed in joy. That does not mean that all of the stress of family dynamics were avoided (of course it had to be my mother who got stuck in an elevator), but the choices we made were laughter over stress. Once again, I see how choosing joy over anything else brings successful results. So, no matter what you face today…I encourage you… CHOOSE JOY!  As I get older, I have learned that it really is a choice more than a feeling.

Bridesmaids Dresses and necklaces came
from Ann Taylor…only $80 each for
the dress.
Centerpieces such as this one added
to the romantic/vintage feel.
We found so many ideas on

I smiled and laughed a lot!

Tomorrow, I will hopefully get to a post about what I wore….I’ve given you a little tease above!!

The Chocolate moustaches were a hit and we found them
made by Julie Dekom….they tasted delicious!

The garter was made from Katie Gager.  It wa
$20 and exactly what the bride wanted.  Contact Katie at
She can tell you her Etsy site for cute headbands
as well!!

The recpetion was on the top of a 1920s building restored for
apartments and party venue.  The city skyline is on one
side and we could see the fireworks from the theme
parks at one point on the other!

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