Effortless style is what I am going for
this busy, busy week! The cardigan
is very Stien Mart.

I start teaching summer school this week…that’s right on top of final wedding preparations, I will also be teaching high school students how to speak!! I am a glutton for punishment!

Almost every day, I have to quickly leave class and go run a wedding errand. The week is very scheduled with what must be done on which day! Praise God, I have a wedding planner and she is amazing and a lifesaver. I do not think I could have done this alone!

Confidence is a main ingrediant for
successful public speaking and style!

I love teaching summer school speech! I believe strongly that proper speaking skills can lead to success across many venues. I was grieved when I went to the blogger’s conference in Austin last spring to hear almost every speaker begin with an apology….I am not a good speaker….were the first words out of several mouths. These beautiful, accomplished young ladies who have so much going for them began with an apology about their communication skills. That should NEVER happen!! I really hope to change things like that one speaker at a time!!  And, yes, I am passionate about it!

 My style is more along the lines of the Dale Carnegie type of speaking…conversational (not canned) speech! Dale Carnegie wrote, “The man who writes out and memorizes his talks is wasting his time and energy, and courting disaster. All our lives we have been speaking spontaneously. We haven’t been thinking of the words. We have been thinking of ideas. If our ideas are clear, the words come as naturally and unconsciously as the air we breathe.”

Public speaking and style are similar in the sense that you really have the snap of your fingers to get someone’s attention!  How you look and the first words out of your mouth are very important…especially in the business world!!
The necklace is Chico’s…bracelets are from
various places!  I like to mix them up!

I always tell them, I am teaching you to speak….not read!
Are there any of you out there who would like to offer your suggestions for successful public speaking??

Wanted!  That’s the brand of these gold flats
from Marshall’s

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