Since yesterday’s post, I have walked the neighborhood twice…maybe I am a little slower than usual, but it still counts!! I also was near Goodwill yesterday, so I decided to go inside. This turned out to be a good decision because it was savings day for anything with long sleeves and on all shoes!

In Texas, it is already pretty hot…but if you can turn your mind toward cooler times ahead, then you just might find some treasurers.

For example, I came home with a Hugo Boss long sleeved- T shirt embellished with a cool dragon. These shirts usually retail anywhere from $185 to $250, so you have to know I am pleased to bring it home for $1.99!! I can see this shirt under a leather jacket, with denim at a football game this year. While the shoes I bought are a Target brand, I have several pair of shoes from Target and find them to be very comfortable and stylish. I needed a black pair with a smaller pointed toe, and these looked brand new…$2.00!!

I was unable to find what I originally was looking for….rope ties for curtains. Rope belts are currently in vogue and curtain ties at thrift stores can be high quality, beautiful, and just plain cheap!

Jacket I picked up for my daughter, $2.00

But, I also struggle with these off-season decisions, because I do have such a small budget. Does it really make sense to spend that money now when I am not going to wear it for a long time down the road? I am one of those who tends to believe that it makes sense…but I could be wrong ….what do you think?

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