But, Baby It’s Hot Outside….

Jacket & Earrings: Stein Mart
Tank: Marshall’s
Skirt: Lane Bryant

I mentioned this recently, but I am really serious about it…summer heat has zapped my enthusiasm for style and fashion. When the majority of your summer is over 100 degrees ( 20 days in a row today) and absolutely dry as a desert, then it is hard to have much clothing touching the skin….and the thought of scarves and necklaces is just sticky.

I realize you have seen this skirt before on my blog, but summer has me wearing all of my skirts over and over again. I do attempt to style them differently whenever I wear them, but I have found skirts and dresses to be the coolest option this year. Maybe if I lose more weight, I will personally enjoy walking shorts more, but for now I feel more confident in the skirts and dresses. Also, the idea of wearing anything with a SPANX is just brutal.

I know it is completely out of character for me to WHINE…but the weather has me a little whiny. It’s sad…in Texas, we are currently looking out toward Cuba at a cluster of rain and actually wishing it will turn into a tropical storm and head toward us. Our beautiful lakes are drying up…it is difficult to find “lush” greenery…birds in the backyard fight over the pet water bowls.

Oh well, does anyone have any ideas for professional summer looks which keep you cool…my ideas are running high and dry!!

So sorry, that my smile is beginning to melt!!


  1. Pam, we've had some BRUTAL temps here as well! MAN! It's hot!! I gravitate toward anything sleeveless and don't stay outside in my regular clothes too long! LOL As soon as I get home, I start stripping off and here come the shorts! I do love my skirts and dresses! and you look so lovely in yours! ~Serene

  2. the heat not only zaps your fashion interests, i find it zaps my interest in anything!
    hopefully the temps will break soon.
    we haven't had it quite as bad you, but it hasn't been a picnic either

  3. Oh Pam, I LOVE to whine about the heat. It's so hooooot! I hate summmmmmer! I whine to the mailman, who just laughs at me since he's out in it all day long. I am in Virginia at my parents' house enjoying plentiful a/c and cable TV, two things I don't have at my place in Brooklyn.

    As for summer looks, I would do a dress/skirt with a looser skirt to keep the fabric off your legs and a cardigan for when you are inside with the a/c.

  4. It *is* hard to look stylish in these temps, as une femme said. How do those celebs strolling the streets of NYC do it?? Ice packs, no doubt.

    I'm with you on the skirt thing, Pam – it's about all I've been wearing for a month!

  5. Over here in SC, we only had seven days in a row over 100, but 70+ over 90 this year.

    I scored several ponte knit dresses on eBay–Tahari, Banana Republic, Calvin Klein. Sleeveless or cap-sleeved. They may be thick, which covers a multitude of sins, but they don't cling and my knees and armpits can breathe (keep those pulse points open!). Though many say dry clean only, I wash them in my front loader just fine. IF it's not too hot, I may loosely tie a scarf–my current fave is to take the diagonally folded strip, twist it several times and tie loosely like a cowl. Otherwise, a brooch does it. Nice sandals or stylish flats, and I'm good to go anywhere professional. Beads are also a lot cooler than other necklaces, I find.

  6. I don't blame you for whining at all. That heat sounds brutal! We had a few days of it — nothing like what you're having — and I felt fuzzy and listless the whole time. I don't have any good tips — just lots of sympathy. I love the outfit you're wearing, and you style so skillfully that you can repeat a lot of things and get away with it. Just be comfortable! As much as possible, anyway.

  7. Hey hot stuff… oh your hamster story totally cracked me up!! no you arent morbid.. or maybe you are and we just have the same morbid sense of humour!! LOL have a super day!! xoxo J

  8. I feel like I get into a style rut in the summer. It has been really hot here, and I want to wear the same little dresses all the time.

  9. You look beautiful! I love that skirt.

    My main tips for keeping cool is to wear a tank underneath a short-sleeved blazer, wear dresses and skirts (I skip the shorts too until I also lose more weight!), use light scarves and necklaces for added punch instead of layering too much, and try to wear your hair up. Which I never do. Though I give it as advice. 🙂

  10. I am right here with ya, my love!
    For me, a thin cotton white shirt, anything 'gauzy', very loose tunics and I just have to go for it sometimes and go sleeveless and let the arm flaps fly! 😉
    i suppose loose is my summer mantra, though i do don the sheer, light summer scarves and they sometimes end up in my hair, or a sweat rag!

  11. We haven't had the hot streak like most of you–but I love the hot weather. It dosent last long tho–that's probably why I like it! I get sick of my winter clothes–especially boots!
    Pam, you look pretty cool to me. And skirts are my go-to item when it is hot. So much cooler than shorts really.

  12. Come visit me. That oughta cool you right off! I hope you guys get some relief soon. My sister lives in San Antonio, as you know, and she has been giving me the daily reports. Hang in there.


  13. I think cool and professional is HARD to come up with, but I do think skirts are even more cool than shorts. Perhaps we need to start wearing loose robes like people in the middle east do–centuries have taught them how to protect their skin and stay cool.

  14. Pam, I must say… While in Texas two years ago I had never felt such heat as Texas heat! I couldn't even believe it!!!!
    You look amazing considering the heat you are fighting!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  15. Totally agree that the high heat can sap any energy or desire to dress creatively (Speaking for myself here). It's just too hot to think, let alone wear a scarf creatively! (hahah)

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