I confess. I was one of those women….you know the ones who really believe that the bigger the garment, the more late night ice cream is hidden. It took much coaxing from makeover shows to get me to the point where I had the courage to wear clothes that actually hugged my curves and fit my body. I was stunned the first time I did this…starring in the mirror wondering how it looked like I lost weight…when I knew I hadn’t.

Now, there’s no turning back!! I want to wear clothes that appropriately fit my body. This doesn’t mean I still may not make a mistake or two along the way….but I can now see with my own eyes the huge difference between clothing that fits and clothing that flops on my figure.

Today, I am a size 16!! I truly hope to lose down to a 14 or 12, but I want to fit my size 16 body today. If I look for the seams and the proper sizes, then I will look good right where I am at the size that I currently am. Did you know that size 16 is the most popular women’s size in the country and will usually sell out first?? For those of us 16s…that’s a bummer!

According to this fifth pillar of my FOUNDATIONAL FIVE
shopping guidelines, if the garment is too big or even too small, it stays at the store!!   I look for garments with seams…especially seams designed to slim;  I prefer a V Neck or open collar to elongate my look; and unless it is a special design, the shoulders must fit my shoulders and not droop off to the side.  Since I changed my ways, shoulder fit is the first place I look…In the past I didn’t check it at all!

Now, I have discussed all of the foundations that make up my personal style! Is anyone else ready to share their foundations yet….what do you want to communicate with your clothing??






Now Shop!!!!!!!!

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