Pausing Foundations for FBFF & Winner Announced!

Mary has a unique heritage of English and
Texan blood!

Meet My Intern – Mary, Mary (quite contrary!!) I describe her as creative, diligent, talented, diverse, fun, joyful, intelligent, beautiful, loyal, and sometimes….giggly!! Mary will be leaving the San Antonio city limits next month to head off to college seeking a Theater degree and I will really miss not having her around every day. For the past three years….I label Mary as indispensable!

Katy from Modly Chic has selected a difficult topic today. She gave us questions to answer about connecting the labeling of people with our blogging. I am not an advocate of labeling people, but in the world of communications it is helpful to define groups of individuals. I have a marketing background where for over 25 years professionals drilled in my head the importance of understanding your target audience when you are communicating. In order to understand your audience, you must describe it with the use of demographics. That means the audience must be defined into sexes, age groups, income levels, etc. That is not a bad thing.

With this understanding in mind, I started this blog one year ago for a very specific audience. I wanted to encourage women over 50….especially those struggling with mid-life and feeling a little shut down. I love it that others read this blog and I welcome anyone, but I do write for a specific audience. I would be fooling myself if I tried to pull off a fashion blog that younger women were interested in…most girls in their 20s do not want to know that I do not wear high heels because of bunion surgery!! The greatest benefit to understanding target audience is if a blogger plans to be professional. I will not lie…I would love to be professional and find a way to make more money with writing.

Mary is already an incredible

Therefore, I will proudly label myself as an over 50 lifestyle blogger and that also defines the audience I write for….Of course, I am drawn to predominately over 40 bloggers, but I do read blogs which pertain to other subjects besides fashion. My blog list is diversified. There are also some fashion blogs I read by those younger, because I have learned much from them. But, reality tells me, that there are only a handful of younger fashion bloggers who will like my blog and, you know…. that is OK.

Yes, of course, we are all just people…beautiful because we are diverse…just as snowflakes are unique…each one of us is unique and will be attracted to different blogs for our own unique reasons.  Labeling can be very detrimental to many people, but for success with communications of any kind, defining your audience is necessary…not a bad thing…it just helps the direction of your writing and your blog.

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  1. Pam, I agree about labeling…I think we all go deeper than that. But when one thinks of their target audience, this really does come into play. I think mine would possibly fall into two categories….over 40 and also thrifty women. I know you're going to miss your intern! Your package goes out today so hopefully you'll have it by Mon or Tues! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. Hmmm….. this is an interest concept. I am not sure I could define my readers. I don't think I am targeting a specific audience. Now you got me curious. xo

  3. I'm good with categorizing readers and blogs.

    I think the proper thing to do is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It's always best to work on the principle of attraction.

  4. But I want everybody to like everybody, I want everyone to like me, I want everyone to like my blog. OK, I know that's not possible…… I guess I agree with Debby above. I know my readers are over 40….why do I write? I'm not sure.

  5. Labels are important to join groups of people together in some fashion(such as people over 50 or parents of children with special needs), but it is very important to look beyond any labels at the person, because none of us are one-dimensional.

    As for why I write, I think on the one hand it's to record the behavior of my son so I don't forget, and on the other hand it is to get back into the habit of writing creatively. I actually do quite a bit of writing at work, but it is technical stuff…very boring!

  6. I'm 21 & I read your blog.So, obviosly, I'm not in your target. Why I read you?Fashion blogosphere is full of young girls (from 13 to 30 something). But, it's quite difficult to find some over 40s representation. But, I believe that fashion is not only for young people.At the end of the day, we all get dressed, right? Whatsmore, years bring confidence, get to know your personal style, what works in you…So, when I found your blog I can't stop reading it because I want to know what a 50 years old woman has to say about fashion. Ps. "I will not lie…I would love to be professional and find a way to make more money with writing." Brave lady, a few people would admit it.

  7. It is great to meet Mary–is she also interested in journalism and marketing? How did you find her and what kinds of things has she done for/with you? Has SHE contributed style suggestions?

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