Processing New Style Decisions with Jana Kos

This color, sunflower, is one
of my favorites

As I previously wrote, I have been through some more reinvention in the last year since I began this blog. The biggest surprise was losing weight on the HCG diet. I had tried so many unsuccessful diets that I just was pleasantly shocked when it actually worked during the spring. Now down 28 pounds, my body has changed significantly and my wardrobe is mostly dysfunctional.

Therefore, I have been doing much pondering…questioning…and seeking counsel as I literally begin again. I will share all of this with you, but today I will start with the issue of price and quality. I shared recently the suit I wore to the wedding by Jana Kos…I got another compliment on that suit at church yesterday. In fact, the exact words were, “I have never seen you look so chic and gorgeous.” I suppose I could be offended by that, but I am attempting to learn from it.

Every seam says CURVES ARE GREAT!

On Wednesday, Paula of Fashion Over Fifty and I will  answer questions about our response to Ines de la Fressange’s book Parisian Chic (be sure and catch both reviews). But, for today, I want to tell you that the book recommends to split your clothing budget in two: “Use half for quality basics and half for impulse buys that will brighten your wardrobe.” She recommends, on sweaters, jackets, and coats especially, to go quality not quantity.

I went to preview the Fall 2011 collection by New York designer Jana Kos with all of the above swimming in my head. You can look at the collection online (Fall 2011 Collection)…but honestly pictures do not do it justice. What I discovered with my suit and trying on more of her designs at this show, is that Jana Kos completely understands a woman’s body and knows how to dress a woman with chic, fit, professional, and sexy in mind. The fall colors are gorgeous… and just touching the fabrics is an experience….silks and buttery leathers top my list. Here I was… trying on sweaters during a time when to even think of sweaters is detestable… and I did not want to take them off!! The cuts and seaming are so flattering and the details include beautiful buttons, breast pockets inside the jackets, and even a little embellishment sewn into a particular collar so it will lay just right.  By the way, I will share with you later my personal buying decision at this show!


You can read another customer’s comments on my blog for the San Antonio Express News HERE… she came to shop while I was covering the collection. I am beginning to think more about my style and my purchases….making a few quality decisions are part of that process.

Skirts and jackets with a touch of leather
would look fabulous with black boots!!



Remember ladies, contact each other, swap your accessories,
and post your looks on August 2!!

1. Terri at Rags Against the Machine with Ariane at Style Sud-est

2. Sweet oomph  with Fun Reva

3.  She Who Accessorizes Well with Beryl at My Niece Told Me To Start Blogging

4.  Patti at Not Dead Yet with Lise at Southern Comfort GA

5. Debbie at Boopnut  with Paula at  Fashion Over Fifty

6.  Finally, me with Serene at  The Elegant Bohemian

Can’t Wait to See What Everyone Does!!


  1. Pam, what a great piece of advice about cutting your clothing budget in half. You have to have some allowance for fun! Can't wait to read your review. You look stunning by the way!!! Hugs and happy 4th! ~Serene

  2. Wow, those are some beautiful pieces. I don't think there's anyone in the LA area who sells Jana Kos, what a shame!

    That yellow sweater looks STUNNING on you!

  3. The older I get I am finding that quality over quantity is key… I totally agree with that statement!! Hope you are having a lovely 4th!! xo

  4. Wow! I can tell you've lost weight. You are looking great. Yellow is a great color for you and so cheery.

    Tomorrow's post, a dialect/accent vlog I made so my readers can hear what I sound like, complete with bloopers at the end.

  5. I have to admit , I do not have a wardrobe. I have clothes I wear. I don't love them. They are just clothes. I just feel at my weight – fitting is just good enough because I can not wear clothes that are "me". 1x tops and sixe 16 pants- I just get things that fit. Oh how I wish I could get excited about clothes.

  6. I will be in England by them, completely disconnected from internet in the middle of the British countryside.
    I will explain before I go.

  7. I love the Jana Kos line. I looked at pretty much everything on her website. Wow! You are really lucky to be able to see them in person. They are really unique. Unique clothing is my favorite. However, when you live in a mid-sized city in the middle of the US and are plus-size, there is not much available that is unique.
    I love the jackets. Jackets are one of my many weaknesses.

  8. so cool that you found a brand that you love and fits your body so well
    can't wait to see more styling from you and this line of clothing

  9. I'm looking forward to the swap! And in noting the detail in Kos collection it is amazing what a small detail like the bead on that collar can affect a neckline.

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