There’s nothing more frightening than an old woman trying to save face!!  Literally!!  
I like to do a little extra pampering before school officially begins…..this might be a pedicure, a new haircut, a massage, or a facial.  This year I decided to test a new product Olay has on the market…because my sweaty, summer face was feeling a little saggy.  The OLAY Professional Firming Treatment includes five straight days of a 10 minute mask, and a bottle of skin tightening serum that you use under your daily moisturizer.  I purchased it at ULTA with a 20% off coupon.
Despite the fact that I terrorized my teenage son and he is now in counseling, I like the product.  It has tightened things up rather nicely.  I think my only criticism is that the mask section which fits under the chin and down on to the neck does not hold well on its own…I found myself holding it up most of the time. 
I recommend you give it a try (I will purchase it again) or… you could use it as a way to audition for the next horror movie on the horizon!
Does anyone else have a skin tightening secret??

When I recently posted my Kohls blouse from last year,
I thought, I NEED TO WEAR IT!  So, yesterday,
it was my casual in-service look for a day of
meetings.  My accessory? ONE TIGHT FACE!

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