I Just Don’t See It!

Blouse: Simply Vera from Kohl’s
I know some are thinking…when
will she tire of these black
capris…well workwear is just
around the corner and I promise
to kiss them farwell for awhile!!
Shoes: Cole Hahn Flats from

Do you have outfits you see differently from the rest of the world?? This OOTD is such an outfit for me.

I literally threw the top on with the capris for church recently…looked in the mirror….and thought, “IT MAKES ME LOOK OVERWEIGHT, BUT IN THIS HEAT, IT WORKS SO I AM GOING TO WEAR IT ANYWAY!” I really do like this top…but since I lost weight recently, it is a bit oversized and I think makes me look larger.

But, lo and behold, I arrived at church and someone says, “WOW, how much weight have you lost, you look awesome!” I think I actually walked away shaking my head because I just did not understand.  The same person had seen me in clothes which I believe fit better and showed my weight loss.

Then, two days later, I wore the same outfit to teach a workshop at school and, sure enough, another friend said almost the exact same words to me. I was baffled. But, I will not argue with more than one comment…..I will probably wear it again next week when in-service training starts for teachers. It’s good enough for me that two different people saw something I didn’t and I really need looks that work in this oppressive heat!! Also, who doesn’t love to hear a compliment!

I saw this spread recently that oversized shirts are
once again InStyle for fall.  I just have to be
careful of them or they add weight to me.
I will say that the first two looks are really cute!
Maybe, I  learned from this experience it just
depends on how the oversized shirt is styled!



  1. Hi Pam – A comment about the oversized shirt, wear it with a belt, one does not have to completly adopt a style, one can add or modify the trend to its taste and advantage , and it will show off your slim mid-section – take care lots of love from Montreal, cool this morning! I'm going to see Jean- Paul Gauthier at the Museum of Fine Arts today!

  2. From the picture, I don't think it's the most flattering piece I've seen you wear lately, but who am I to argue with comfort and compliments!

    The "big shirts" can work as long as they're not to stiff and voluminous. If they drape and skim, they can be flattering especially if you keep the bottom half narrow with a pencil skirt or slim pants.

  3. Hi Pam, I like this outfit too and what's wrong with wearing capris all summer? I have two pairs of J. Crew nearly-white chinos and they have been my uniform since June. I will so be there tonight cheering on Bert. I love his story and that he is so much more experienced than the kids!

  4. Yay for the Project Runway reminder! I completely spaced last week!
    Isn't it funny how our perception is different from others? I think it means we're often just a little too hard on ourselves!

  5. ha isn't that funny that you saw yourself completely different than those others
    hey, if you wear this again you should try belting the shirt, people will think you lost even more weight since Sunday!

  6. Just from reading your blog, I think that you are someone people are happy to see. This happiness results in a compliment, which could have been: I love that shirt on you! If, like me, they are not crazy about that shirt, the compliment becomes the fallback: How much weight have you lost!? A sincere compliment on a very impressive achievement to a very nice woman.
    But, this is my first Summer residing in Tulsa, and I am beginning to understand that dressing for the heat over-rides any other consideration, so enjoy your cool, comfortable shirt.

  7. Oppressive heat…..I would go for just a little heat. And that is why I will be at the beach in NC all of next week. Can't WAIT to complain about how hot it is. haha. Seriously.

    I like the colors of the shirt, but it's the shoulders that make it seem too big from this picture. If you love the shirt, maybe you could get it tailored to fit you to follow your 5's!

    Also, compliments rule. You deserve to hear many every day!


  8. Pam, this top is great on you! Not a heavy look at all! I get a little funky about doing the oversized thing too and find that when I belt it, I feel a bit better about it. By the way, I dogeared that page of InStyle because I love the first look with the black boots! That's an inspiration page for me! Hugs! ~Serene

  9. Perhaps it is something about the movement of the shirt that brings on this compliment…and of course, that's something we can't see in a still photo. You ARE looking good.

  10. You are looking good- and maybe the looseness of the top really highlight your recent svelte figure.
    I've noticed outfits that are super cute in real life don't also translate well in an outfit post and vice versa. I wonder if you're used to the drama of a photo and this classic combo may not have the zazz you're used to showing, but it showed off your real life figure flatteringly in real life.

  11. This color is great on you and even if the top is a little oversize, the pattern and color bring the eye up and toward your face. Also your hips look small in the pants. Good job. ha ha.

    I have to say, though. I'm worried about the Bert. It seems like he may be a little bit of a jerk. 🙁 We'll see, I guess.

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