Blouse: Simply Vera from Kohl’s
I know some are thinking…when
will she tire of these black
capris…well workwear is just
around the corner and I promise
to kiss them farwell for awhile!!
Shoes: Cole Hahn Flats from

Do you have outfits you see differently from the rest of the world?? This OOTD is such an outfit for me.

I literally threw the top on with the capris for church recently…looked in the mirror….and thought, “IT MAKES ME LOOK OVERWEIGHT, BUT IN THIS HEAT, IT WORKS SO I AM GOING TO WEAR IT ANYWAY!” I really do like this top…but since I lost weight recently, it is a bit oversized and I think makes me look larger.

But, lo and behold, I arrived at church and someone says, “WOW, how much weight have you lost, you look awesome!” I think I actually walked away shaking my head because I just did not understand.  The same person had seen me in clothes which I believe fit better and showed my weight loss.

Then, two days later, I wore the same outfit to teach a workshop at school and, sure enough, another friend said almost the exact same words to me. I was baffled. But, I will not argue with more than one comment…..I will probably wear it again next week when in-service training starts for teachers. It’s good enough for me that two different people saw something I didn’t and I really need looks that work in this oppressive heat!! Also, who doesn’t love to hear a compliment!

I saw this spread recently that oversized shirts are
once again InStyle for fall.  I just have to be
careful of them or they add weight to me.
I will say that the first two looks are really cute!
Maybe, I  learned from this experience it just
depends on how the oversized shirt is styled!


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