Could it be possible that despite the wrinkles, the backaches, the hot flashes, the bunions, and the economy that people really are happier over age 50?  According to a Gallup Poll released last May and reported in this New York Times article, it’s true that more adults just may be experiencing joy and not stress as they age.
I know for me the stress has lessened simply because I have been able to return to some of my first loves as my children left the nest.  Now, I have the time to do things just for the fun of it…like I did yesterday.
Blogging has taken me into the community and brought me a new group of friends on and off line.  One of those is Marilyn Caskey, owner of my favorite resale shop Garment Exchange.  Marilyn is a single mom of two and a small business owner trying to make it work for her family.  To say she is overworked and overwhelmed is putting it mildly.  The minute she shows up in her shop she is confronted with moving merchandise and processing merchandise and all of the logging and billing with her consignment customers and purchasing customers.   I thought she could use some encouragement and assistance, so I volunteered to re-do some of her displays…just for the FUN of it.  And it was fun!!
Basic retail marketing tells anyone the importance of window and storefront display….her mannequins were sad little women who just needed some loving attention.  I had a blast perusing the store and styling outfits for the window which were trendy and geared more toward fall.  I made sure they included accessories with shoes or boots and even discovered a Jimmy Choo Bag hidden on her purse rack.  She really has some great designer pieces in her store and I suggested a vintage chalk board to list daily items in the window which might draw the customers in.  She sits near two restaurants and does have decent foot traffic going by especially close to meal times, so such a board with a great window look could be very important for her shop.
I do have to add that working with those mannequins is NOT easy.  They fall apart just when you do not want them to and will not hook back together when you do want them to…I can see why working with them might hit the bottom of a list of things to do.  After I worked the front window, I fashioned a front display table with a Western Chic theme…she had leather jackets, denim, belts, fabulous boots, and western leather purses which styled a beautiful table.  At the top, I found a gorgeous Nicole Miller original….I put the straps down on it, puffed out the bottom, and tied a fun bow on the side. 
All I did here, was take add the scarf and the fun
shoes and move it from inside the store to
the window.
I loved this Betsy Johson skirt, but the style
did it no justice. So I have a purple T which
matched a stripe in the skirt, and took off
this black T.  I added a fun denim jacket on
top of that with a long, thin necklace. At the
bottom, I selected some booty, strappy heels
and on top a black messenger leather bag.
It is currently in her front window

Glare madeit hard to photograph, but I added five
well dressed girls…to replace three sad girls!
I added lots of accessories where none were
Becoming a window display designer for a day was so much fun!!  Hopefully it blessed her…because it certainly blessed me.  This was something I would not have had the time to do as recently as last year….but this is my first year without my own children in school activities so I plan to have more FUN!
If you could go out today and do something really out of your box, what would it be??
Of course, what help would I be unless I relieved her of
some merchandise!!  I took these boots and the bracelet
below home with  me!!  I also took home a great scarf
you will see in future posts.

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