Skinny Jeans A Con? More Skirts & Contest Winner!! Yes, It Relates!

Andrea Woroch is a consumer savings expert…in fact her website claims this motto, “Helping Shoppers Break Bad Habits One Purchase at a Time.”  I have seen her speak on several subjects and often have some very helpful advice.  But for the television interview I saw with her today, the jury is still out. 
She said that many of the pieces in fashion that we call trends are really cons!  She claims skinny jeans to be a complete con…sold to us by a greedy industry that wants to make more money using less fabric.  Other cons she named were:
1.       Ruching
2.       Garments with more zippers
3.       Thinner materials…such as the selection of rayon over cotton.
I honestly to do not whether the intention of designers is to con us into spending more for less or if these are just truly great decisions.  But what I do know is that some women look fabulous in skinny jeans; ruched blouses and dresses; and even rayon. 
So, I guess if the TREND helps the economy then that is a win/win situation. I just have trouble looking at skinny jeans as a con!!  What do you think??
Well, I do not know if I it was a con…but I willingly bought the skirt below from Lane Bryant and I love it!  It worked great to keep me cool yesterday…the heat topped off at 101!!
Cardigan: Chico’s
Blouse: Marshall’s
Skirt and Necklace: Lane Bryant
Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Chico’s
On Old Navy shelves now for $15
These slightly pointed toe, soft, comfortable flats!!
They had many colors…I needed brown!
Finally, yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from our local CBS affiliate, KENS 5, and they have selected me to be their weekly award winner for a contest called 50 and Fascinating!!!  The producer said that they love the blog, and I am going to be the guest on their morning talk show tomorrow!  The show is called GREAT DAY SA!  I have my classroom substitute and the outfit picked out I will wear…so I am ready…I will bring to you a full report!!


  1. I am soooooooooooo glad to see you in skirt 8(You know that by now.
    I so want to see all that happens on the show.
    Sponsor by a funeral home???, LOl.
    You are so funny, no wonder you have been picked.

  2. As long as they don't ask you for advice about outfitting those on their way to eternal rest!

    I consider a "con" something that is meant to decieve. Substituting rayon for cotton is a response to high cotton prices.

    I suppose skinny jeans use less cotton and that exposed zippers are easier to sew but I don't think they're a deception as much as style meeting efforts to hold the cost of clothing down.

  3. First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't wait to see if you can post a video!

    Sponsored by a funeral home? That's HILARIOUS!

    I think that this woman may see conspiracy where there is none. I'm not saying that skinny jeans look great on everyone, but they're definitely a style. And I can't even compare cotton and rayon. Rayon hangs completely differently so I don't see them as interchangeable. Big huge hug to you! ~Serene

  4. Well, I like the trends, and I think they can all still be done in high quality ways… Also not sure what ruching is saving…

    And congrats on the news story, definitely post your segment after it airs!

  5. I don't know if skinny jeans are a con…….but they don't look good on me. I think the most flatering jeans on the most women is the gentle book cut. Maybe we just get bored and like to try different looks………I know I do! I do not like the really thin tops.

    Congratulations! you deserve it, look forward to seeing your TV appearance.

  6. Congratulations on your news spot, Pam!

    I don't think of clothing manufacturers as conning us – we have to be savvy about what looks good, and what's a good value for our money.

    I love skinny jeans!

  7. I call B.S. on the skinny jeans are a con theory. Obviously that woman has no idea how the fashion industry works. Trend forecasters have to predict what people are going to want to wear a year and a half to two years ahead of time and if they're wrong, everyone in the industry loses a lot of money. Trends have to do with fashion evolution and what's going on in the world. They've been trying to get people out of skinny jeans for a while and people have said "no". It doesn't help them for a trend to stay stagnant.

    And congrats on your new celebrity status. That is so cool! Funeral home. Priceless.

  8. hahahahaha about the funeral home. That is hysterical! And that is so cool about the interview! I am so excited for you! Can you post the URL for the clip (I'm sure that they will give you one!) so exciting! And I say BS on the con theory too!

  9. Hmmm… sometimes I do get skeptical of the quickly changing trends (hem length, volume of skirt/pants) and suspect that there is a real financial reason for making sure we all feel out-of-date quickly: Because we'll return to the stores the next season and buy more stuff!
    On the other hand: I'm thankful fashion designers keep introducing inspirational garments. Ruching? It's a favorite of mine!

  10. Congrats! wish you have a blast in the show. About the skinny jeans & the others garments, I don't think they're a con. Of course, fashion brands,especially low-cost ones, spend the less posible to get a bigger profit margin, as all companies do. But, I don't think it's all about this. If it was, why flare pants are a trend now if they need more fabric?

  11. I'm a big fan of skinny jeans. Even with my ample thighs, they look good. I mean, I'm a fan if they don't create a muffin top. But that's how I feel about all jeans.

    Love the skirt and the whole outfit. What a find on those shoes.

    Congrats on your TV appearance. I hope you can post video. I'll tell my sister to watch!


  12. I guess I can sort of understand what she's saying in that it costs them less to produce certain things but we're charged more simply because they're trendy. That makes sense.

    You look gorgeous in that outfit – and congrats on being chosen for the interview! That's so exciting!!! You're going to be awesome!!!

  13. congratulations on your award! Fashion trends are not cons in my opinion. Those of us that work in the fashion industry rely on trends to provide an ever-changing, exciting atmosphere. That being said, it is up to the consumer to decide whether the trend works or is age appropriate for them. Also, the new high quality rayons that are out there now are much more versitale to work with…not your rayon of the 50s. Rayon is a melt-spun and can produced here in the USA…good quality silk is mostly imported and cotton farming is on the decline.

  14. Congrats on the show! I bet you'll be a natural~

    I agree with Vanessa–this is no more of a con than ANY fashion trend that tends to change with the wind so we buy more. Planned obsolescence. Henry Ford did it–so does fashion. Nothing new here.

    And I agree with Sacramento–LOVE YOU IN A SKIRT!!!!!!!! Love, Paula

  15. Congratulations! Your blog is great and deserving of an award. The funeral home sponser is a real hoot!
    Cute outfit for today.
    Last night I was watching Diane Gilman on HSN. She made the statement that the cargo jeans would not be coming back after they sell out. The reason? Too expensive to make due to the details and the cotton prices.

  16. Pam–how cool is that to be on TV! I hope you can post a clip of the video eventually or at least give us a link.

  17. Skinny jeans are horrifying on most of us… which is why they are being pushed as the next big trend… gotta keep Jenny Craig and Trimspa in business!

  18. Sweet Pam,

    You and I have much in common…over 50 and feeling 40, teachers, lover of good deals and an open mind. If it helps the economy, what the heck….as long as there is no deceit..but who is to know….I wish you the best as YOU GO BACK to the classroom of wonderful young people who will have to read the book of their lives and make some hard choices. I wish you the courage and strength to make this new year the best!!!! Anita

  19. I completely disagree with her assessment of skinny jeans being a con. Complete bullshit. I've been I guess what you'd call an "indie dresser" or fringe fashion element my whole life. We're the peeps, the mainstream like your speaker, and the fashion industry get their ideas from. They used to be called stovepipes and back in the day we couldn't buy skinny jeans we made them. They were worn fanatically by the cool kids- yeah I wore them. I never got into "boot cut". I wore skinny jeans my whole life. Why? Same reason I wear converse I suppose- because they look good on me and they signify my fashion rank as former cool kid.
    The industry didn't invent skinny jeans; they appropriated them.

  20. WOW! Congrats Pam! go, go, go girl show those people that 50 and over is so fabulouuuuuus!!

    I love the skinny jeans i weare it with everything so practical!

    Ariane xxx

  21. wowza!!!! congrats on winning the contest…what a great opportunity!!!

    i love my full length flares and bells, so i could do without the skinnys (lol, just kidding!). i agree that there is a style for everyone…so it is def win-win!


  22. Congrats,Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We must see the interview!
    I have always loved tights and full flowy thin cotton/rayons, but i don't know if it's a con or not, though i do tend to distrust anyone who would have invented real corsets or the super-high skinny heels to 'show off our butts' LOL!

  23. Wow, congratulations Pam!!!! I really hope you win the trip to BH!

    I think one could argue that any "trend" is a con, designed to manufacture need and get us to buy something new. But if you like it and wear it, you don't feel particularly "conned." (On a related note, I do remember though that during Imogen's workshop two years ago, she said that making a top with a v-neck as opposed to a crew neck adds something like 25% to the manufacturing costs. ) I do find that so many fabrics these days seem to feel cheap and "dishraggy," even the 100% cottons.

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