Visibility Monday: To Show Leg or Not to Show Leg…That Is the Question??

Shirt Jacket: Chico’s
Black Traveler’s Cami: Chico’s
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: My daughters!
Teachers love to pull out a new look on the first day of school…after all; it is not just the students who want to make a good impression.   Gigi has just returned from shopping in Florida where she found the cool maxi skirt pictured below.  Yes, it is linen…but I have to say it looked really good at the end of the day…not as wrinkled as linen pants would. 
Gigi’s Florida-Style
I, on the other hand chose to show more leg just because of the heat….not because I think my legs are that great.  We have gone over 43 straight days of 0ver 100 degree heat and longer without rain.  Excessive heat zaps energy…creativity…and, yes, sometimes even joy.  I have decided that no matter what the temperature is on September 1, I am going to pull out the fall decorations for my house.  I usually wait until closer to October, but I need some hope…something else to concentrate on.
I love this skirt…it is so fun!
Not long ago, I bid A FOND FAREWELL TO LANE BRYANT , because after my diet, their clothes were a little loose on my body. I shopped most of the summer for skirts and had a really difficult time finding ones that I liked and that fit the body I have now.  Then I remembered What Not To Wear.  Stacy and Clinton are famous for saying, “You take control of your clothes; don’t allow the clothes to control you.”  So, back to Lane Bryant I went.   I found four skirts which could easily be tailored to fit….now I agree with S & C that a good tailor can serve you well. 
So, until we have some type of cool down….at least to the low 90s….I may be showing a little leg often!
Headband: Target
Earrings: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Kohls
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  1. I draw the line at skirts with front slits. I'm all for showing the leg I intend to show, but when I sit down I want the darn skirt to stay put!

    I hear you about size frustration. I'm short and would prefer to buy a petite size so it's not too long. However, many brands the petite cut is just enough slimmer in the hip/thigh that I'm stuck with a tighter fit than I think is flattering and the next size up is all wrong. Sadly the solution is to hem…

  2. Lane Bryant had some really cute skirts this year. You look great in this outfit. I am sure you are a real inspiration to the other teachers and the students. Gigi looks super too! We have similar weather here. We call it a cool front when the temps are below 100!

  3. Pam — this looks great on you! So don't just show some leg, show OFF some leg. 🙂 It's hard sometimes isn't it though? I constantly worry that I am dressing too young. I raid my daughter's closet too on occasion. Love your friend's skirt. It's really cute. I like her jacket too. I like the new font too. It's definitely very easy to read!

  4. nothing wrong with showing off some leg…i think it's all about balance. generally, if i show some leg, i like to cover up on top and vice versa….just as you did here.

  5. I've decided that when it's over 100 degrees everyone can show as much leg as they like…no matter what anyone thinks of it! (Obviously I was very affected by the heat recently!)

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