Shirt Jacket: Chico’s
Black Traveler’s Cami: Chico’s
Skirt: Lane Bryant
Shoes: My daughters!
Teachers love to pull out a new look on the first day of school…after all; it is not just the students who want to make a good impression.   Gigi has just returned from shopping in Florida where she found the cool maxi skirt pictured below.  Yes, it is linen…but I have to say it looked really good at the end of the day…not as wrinkled as linen pants would. 
Gigi’s Florida-Style
I, on the other hand chose to show more leg just because of the heat….not because I think my legs are that great.  We have gone over 43 straight days of 0ver 100 degree heat and longer without rain.  Excessive heat zaps energy…creativity…and, yes, sometimes even joy.  I have decided that no matter what the temperature is on September 1, I am going to pull out the fall decorations for my house.  I usually wait until closer to October, but I need some hope…something else to concentrate on.
I love this skirt…it is so fun!
Not long ago, I bid A FOND FAREWELL TO LANE BRYANT , because after my diet, their clothes were a little loose on my body. I shopped most of the summer for skirts and had a really difficult time finding ones that I liked and that fit the body I have now.  Then I remembered What Not To Wear.  Stacy and Clinton are famous for saying, “You take control of your clothes; don’t allow the clothes to control you.”  So, back to Lane Bryant I went.   I found four skirts which could easily be tailored to fit….now I agree with S & C that a good tailor can serve you well. 
So, until we have some type of cool down….at least to the low 90s….I may be showing a little leg often!
Headband: Target
Earrings: Stein Mart
Bracelet: Kohls
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