Visible Monday is a great time to celebrate the real visible setting for my blog….my life as a school teacher.  The majority of the posts for over50feeling40 have been around photographs taken at school by the infamous Mrs. Joy and, of course, included the fashionable looks of my fabulous over 50 BFF, GIGI.   I’ll be honest….summer really stretched my creativity.  The heat…the lack of need to dress for work…and my missing girlfriends….Just took away a lot of the fun.
But, weeeeee’re back!!!  Some of you may notice next week that the color of my high school newsroom has changed.  After eleven years in the same space, we have a new, much more professional look….pre-school blue is out…slate grey is in!!  While many schools around the country are closing their journalism departments and taking the high school newspaper online, our school is dedicated to the training of a new generation of communicators and all that goes with it.
For those of you who are new readers, I have posted today some of my more VISIBLE moments from last school year and Gigi’s first look for Fall 2011.  One week from today…we will start it all again!  Now, make sure you visit Patti and the other ladies for some more Visible Statements!
Mrs. Joy returns for
photography and her
own great styling!!

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