Watch Me On TV!!!

Just click on the link above and watch the interview from this morning’s appearance on Great Day SA on KENS 5 in San Antonio!!  It was so much fun…anytime a teacher gets out during the day, it’s fun!!
I want to thank everyone at KENS and Mission Park Funeral Home for the recognition of being 50 and Fascinating and for the free weekend at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel for my husband and me.  We can’t wait to take advantage of this!  My name will also be put in a pot with other weekly winners and one person will win a trip to either Beverly Hills or Las Vegas.  For those who do not know what I am wearing, it is a suit by New York designer, Jana Kos that I purchased to wear at my daughter’s wedding this past July!
Another guest was Cathy Kaye of Morris Kaye & Sons Furrier of San Antonio & Dallas, who
will host an annual  CURE FUR CANCER fashion show on September 17.  Last year they raised over
$100,000 for cancer research at MD Anderson Hospital.  Her models are all cancer patients.
She is a sweetheart and has a mother with cancer.  I will post more specifics for those in
town on my Express News site this weekend!!
Here I am with show host, Bridget Smith!  She does a
fabulous job…and loves the bling…like me!!  The other
show host is Eileen Teves, not pictured.


  1. Wow! That is so very cool. I really hope you win the grand prize! By the way, that DL picture wasn't bad at all. I have had way worse pics taken. You looked great in your suit. Congratulations again for being such a great over 50 woman!

  2. Congratulations! It was fun seeing you "in action" and you did a great job. You didn't look nervous at all. Life doesn't end at 50, it doesn't even end at 60. I am just a few months away from 67 and I still love clothes, high heels, accessories and everything fashion related including your blog and others.

  3. Pam this is so cool! This is like a talk show rather than an excerpt from an interview. You were so poised and it was fun to hear your voice for the first time. Have fun on that weekend away and good luck with the larger contest.

  4. How fantastic.It could be the beginning of travelling the worl through blogging, or wait…that is my dream.
    Well done, Pam. I am sooooooooo proud.

  5. I have just manage to see it and you are soooooooooooo wonderful live, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Proud, proud, prous.
    Much love always.

  6. Pam~You look great and are sooo relaxed on TV! How did you do it? I would have been a nervous wreck! But so proud of you–and YOU ARE EMPOWERING US ALL! Thanx! Paula

  7. Congratulations for appearing on tv. I'm sure there are alot out there inspired by you after the end of the show. I noticed that bracelets look extra good on you!!!

  8. What a wonderful interview – you were warm and inviting and not nervous! Congrats and I hope you win even bigger!

  9. PAM! My GIRL!!!! You are AWESOME!!!! You could be running that show!!!! You were as cool as a cucumber and I'm sooooo proud of you! Fingers crossed that you win the big prize! Hugs!~Serene

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