Fashion’s Night Out in SA – Part 2…Visually Appealing

Fashion’s Night Out in San Antonio was so visually stimulating and that makes it a perfect match for VISIBLE MONDAY.  In the collage above, you are looking at my friend Eleanor (you can see me in the mirror snapping the picture!!).  She had so much fun trying on this $2500 Prada dress which went from the lookbook handed out to us to the runway in front us to Eleanor.  She had to quickly take it off so it could go back to the model for the second show.
Neiman’s Fall 2011 theme highlighted these trends: bordeaux, lady chic, color blocking, fur, leather and shimmer.  To top the looks off, they enouraged us to also have a hint of wine on the lips; bold gold accessories; and fabulous pumps.  It was an amazing show…much sighing and drooling from the crowd.
This is my first attempt at a slide show (and remember I am not a professional photographer!)…I hope you like it.  I also selected a few of my favorite pictures to highlight!  The final installment (Part3) from the night will be some of my favorites from mannequins to fashion statements!  After you ooo and ahhhh, then head over to Patti’s site for the rest of VISIBLE MONDAY


  1. Bordeaux is a wine, maroon color which is popular this season. On my next post, I will speak more about incorporating this to every day…of course some of it is just for fun…but I did get ideas for future looks and I plan to try a couple of those this week!

  2. Deeply dying that your friend got to try on the Prada dress! Aaaahhhhgggg! So jealous! Those were the dresses I saw in the NYC Prada windows and loved! And she looks smokin' hot in it too. Wow.

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