Well, not really Sonny’s Cher……but Sher Canada, Chico’s Style Expert! After all, she and I must be best friends. She emails me all the time! Her last, very personal message said, “DRESS LIKE YOU MEAN IT”….Set a tone for effortless chic with dark wash denim, a fabulous blazer, and statement accessories.

 It was actually Sher’s outfit which caught my eye…I loved the look. When I am “inspired” by a look I find, in order to make it work for me, I ask these questions:

1. How many of the pieces do I actually own?

2. Where do I see myself going in the outfit?

3. Does it meet the FOUNDATIONAL FIVE I have already established for my personal style?

 With Sher’s look, I owned everything but the animal print jacket. I looked at it on CHICO’S site and knew that this month was tight with college expenses, so I filed the look in the back of my mind. I could see myself wearing it for work or fun, so the outfit made sense for my life and it DID meet my foundational five goals…..

Black Shirt: Kohl’s
Leopard Jacket by Westbound:
Coldwater Creek Jeans
Target Ballet Flats

Then…the next day I went to cover SERENDIPITY CLOTHES, the new consignment shop on my side of town, and lo and behold, there I found this jacket! Though it is a lighter print, I thought….WOW…this would work! Of course, I would buy head to toe at Chico’s if I could, but for now this inspiration looked really made me smile.  What do you think?  Does it work?

I have a folder where I put inspiration looks I pull from magazines and a bulletin board in my closet where I pin the ones I am currently working on….that helps keep me blogging and looking individual and stylish  (I hope)!! Does anyone else do this?

Pearl Necklace:  Simply Vera from Kohl’s
Pearl Bracelet:  Premiere Jewelry
Man’s Watch:  Similar Size to Sher’s watch in

By the way….thanks Sher…can’t wait to hear from you again!!

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