I Want to be Just Like Cher!!

Well, not really Sonny’s Cher……but Sher Canada, Chico’s Style Expert! After all, she and I must be best friends. She emails me all the time! Her last, very personal message said, “DRESS LIKE YOU MEAN IT”….Set a tone for effortless chic with dark wash denim, a fabulous blazer, and statement accessories.

 It was actually Sher’s outfit which caught my eye…I loved the look. When I am “inspired” by a look I find, in order to make it work for me, I ask these questions:

1. How many of the pieces do I actually own?

2. Where do I see myself going in the outfit?

3. Does it meet the FOUNDATIONAL FIVE I have already established for my personal style?

 With Sher’s look, I owned everything but the animal print jacket. I looked at it on CHICO’S site and knew that this month was tight with college expenses, so I filed the look in the back of my mind. I could see myself wearing it for work or fun, so the outfit made sense for my life and it DID meet my foundational five goals…..

Black Shirt: Kohl’s
Leopard Jacket by Westbound:
Coldwater Creek Jeans
Target Ballet Flats

Then…the next day I went to cover SERENDIPITY CLOTHES, the new consignment shop on my side of town, and lo and behold, there I found this jacket! Though it is a lighter print, I thought….WOW…this would work! Of course, I would buy head to toe at Chico’s if I could, but for now this inspiration looked really made me smile.  What do you think?  Does it work?

I have a folder where I put inspiration looks I pull from magazines and a bulletin board in my closet where I pin the ones I am currently working on….that helps keep me blogging and looking individual and stylish  (I hope)!! Does anyone else do this?

Pearl Necklace:  Simply Vera from Kohl’s
Pearl Bracelet:  Premiere Jewelry
Man’s Watch:  Similar Size to Sher’s watch in

By the way….thanks Sher…can’t wait to hear from you again!!


  1. Such an easy and classic stylish look to recreate and it will never go out of style. I think I could use a new blazer and a few statement necklaces! xo

  2. Pam, you look great! You know I love Chico's and would love to have that leopard jacket. They teased us with it for a month before it was even on the website. Their prices are getting way up there for me. I try to buy on sale or watch for their 50% off coupons. That is how I got my zebra jacket.
    Actually, I think it is much more interesting to create your own individual look based on inspiration looks. Yes, I do keep a big folder of ideas. Some are of accessories I would love to have but can't afford.
    I think your look is even better than Sher's!

  3. I think you nailed it! This is a great recreation of the inspiration piece. You look so chic and put together. I have a file on pinterest where I keep outfit inspiration pics. I'm terrible though, I never recreate them. I keep saying I'm going to but I don't!

  4. You are absolutely stunning and shopping one's closet is always the best idea, and consignment shops are treasures! The bulletin board is a great idea. I'll put that under my hat for consideration!

  5. It totally works, Pam. It's very chic and stylish and work appropriate. I think you'll get lots of use out of that jacket.

    I pull inspiration photos from magazines and other fashion bloggers. I'm not as organized as you , however. I need to get a folder or something for my inspirations too.


  6. well, I dont even know about Sher Canada.. will have to check it out.. love your post and the questions… time for me to ramp up the wardrobe.. am bored with mine again!! LOL

  7. Pam! Deeply dying here over your outfit. You look smokin' hot in leopard! Wow, that is your look for this fall, wear it often! I do have an inspiration folder. And after seeing the Daphne Guinness show all I want to do is wear black, crazy shoes, put a blonde stripe back in my hair, and paint my nails a deep, dark, moody red.

  8. Pam you look great! I think that is what it is all about, Finding your look and then pulling it all together in your own way!


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