Uniquely Visible: How Do You Do It?

Sarah Johnson Sweater:
Dark Denim Trousers:
Coldwater Creek
Wanted Gold Flats:


Reader question: You wrote recently that there are ways to look unique and not like everyone else who shops at the same stores in the malls. How do you do that?

What a great question for VISIBLE MONDAY! This person obviously desires more visibility! There are though more answers than I can tackle in one post. I answered some in the Foundational Five post where one of my questions is to ask, “Do I think the look reflects my creativity and uniqueness before I either wear it or purchase it?” I make effort to balance my creativity with the other four steps of my style guidelines, but I definitely want the creativity showing. I also wrote about designer lines now shown in homes such as the “W” line and Jana Kos, and how your personal shopper will protect their client from looking like everyone else.

Scarf: Marshalls
Necklace: Lane Bryant
Bracelet: Kohls

Another way to make sure you do not look like a cookie cutter, is to shop in boutiques and off-the-beaten path retailers. Gigi and I recently stopped into Blanco, Texas, a tiny country village which caters to tourists with boutique and antique shops. Several boutiques feature artwork, pottery, and jewelry by local artists. We each left with jewelry selections we had not seen anywhere else, and, if I had more money, I would have walked away with some amazing pieces which were out of my budget. The most fun we had was in the Brieger Pottery Shop where, lo and behold, at the back was a wonderful consignment area!! After lunch at the Redbud Café, we were ready to head back to San Antonio with our purchases. The area is known for its lavender and hosts a Lavender Festival every fall… So, the whole town smells great!

Jewelry Made from Real Copper

Loved this necklace in beautiful Blanco

Hopefully, you will check out the other unique ladies on Patti’s Site for their visibility….but, let me ask everyone, how do you keep from looking like everyone else who shops at the same stores???

Here’s what we both wanted but
left in Blanco!!  So sad!

Here’s what Gigi took home!

Fun antiques

Having a blast in Blanco: The Red Razzle Dazzle Red Hat Ladies
from the Austin area!
Our beautiful waitress at the Red Bud

How do you make a Reuben Sandwich Diet:
Substitute Corned Beef for Turkey
and Thousand Island Dressing for Mustard

Yes, they buy them from Mexico for
their shops!

Beautiful Antiques!!

Also, I just noticed that this is my 300th post!  Wow!  Time flies!


  1. Wow, that is some beautiful jewelry ya'll found. I love that bracelet. The Ethiopian Cross necklace Gigi got is beautiful! I bought a couple of copal amber beads like are in her necklace, but I haven't made anything with it yet.
    As to making yourself look different than everyone else who buys from the same store. I think that everyone puts things together differently. I don't think I have ever seen someone wear the exact same thing I have on. Maybe one piece, but not the whole outfit. I know you and I have both shopped at Coldwater Creek and Chico's and I don't think we have ever worn the same item. Not that it would be bad if we did! If I did see someone wearing the same thing as I did, I would just think she had excellent taste. LOL!

  2. Oh, I would love to have one of those colorful bags. I'm pretty convinced that most women have their own signature, whether they realize it or not. The actual clothing is only one aspect of a look.

  3. Pam, this place looks like a little slice of heaven. I love the bracelet you are modeling! I agree with Debbi and Terri that most women add a certain signature look to their style, even if it's just hair color/style. I also endorse your idea of shopping in smaller stores to find unique pieces.

  4. I love Gigi's necklace. I have a cross collection that has filled my home. Speaking of which, I think my home probably shows my style more than what I am wearing (what does that say?)

    I get most of my unique things from Etsy. If you take the time and search you can find some great,one of a kind things!

  5. Beautiful jewelry!!

    I, too, think most women have their own thing. With me, it's my salt and pepper hair and the color red! And my love of geeky t shirts!

  6. Your post are always so beautiful and informative.
    I love reading them. Now did down in that bag of tricks and play with us over at my house. Come on, polka dots, how hard can it be?

  7. oh, i just love those little bags from mexico!!! we have a few local boutiques here that i shop at. if i do shop at dept stores and malls, i try to mix the pieces with other unique items.


  8. SUCH a great question. I agree that unique accessories, like artisan-created jewelry, go a long way. (That's practically all I wear any more!) But I think Debbie nailed it: everybody puts things together differently. Some women create more complicated looks than others, but I think it's the rare person who just throws on a mannequin's outfit and adds nothing of her own. (And you, of course, are one of the High Priestesses of unique outfit creation!)

  9. Great idea, find different shops is one of my favorite things. My tricks to create an unique look are DIYs so nobody has the same garment. Also risky combinations, maybe I have a basic from the store where everybody buy, but I try to wear it in a different way. Blogosphere is a great inspiration for that.

  10. Hi Pam! you are unique! love the all the jewelry.
    I try to think outside the box when it comes to dressing, Anna Dello Russo is a great inspiration for me without her budget of course!

    Ariane xxxx

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