Ellen Tracy Jacket: Marshalls
Simply Vera T Shirt: Kohls
Pencil Skirt: http://www.janakos.com/
Black Hose: Kohls
Target Shoes: $1.99 Goodwill

There is no doubt about it, we live in tough times. Though Texas has not been hit as hard as some areas; it doesn’t seem to bring consolation when you are the one hit. We have many friends in this fabulous 50 age group who have undergone layoffs or forced retirements in the past six years. Then there are those who lost a business because it did not survive the current economy. My husband experienced a layoff three years ago and has been working by the contract since then…as of this writing, he does not have a contract.

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So, I ask this question: Should we hide during tough times and become less visible? I would say a resounding, NO WAY! While I might not be able to shop at all for a while, I still have a closet of some incredible pieces and with a little ingenuity and creativity; I should look and feel my best for a long time. In fact, I think it is more important than ever to be visible. If I feel confident and experience joy each day, then my husband of 27 years will not get discouraged but press forward to remedy our situation. However, if I crawl in a hole and become overly scared and despondent, then it puts more pressure on him and I run the risk of losing him to depression.

It is important to keep smiling and hang on
to hope!

Positive, hopeful attitudes…our faith…confidence….joy… wisdom…and dressing for success will all help see us through.  It also helps to get out and be seen…employers cannot find you or will not desire you on the team, if you are hiding in an abyss. I know it sounds hokey, but this philosophy is a little like: When given lemons, make lemonade! 

 No matter what the circumstances, I am going to show up and be visible!!

Belt and Bracelet: Kohls

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