Visible Monday: Me & My Red Oak

Cable Gauge Sweater: Ross
Lee Slimming Jeans: Kohls

Red Oaks are by far my favorite trees. I love their tall majesty…the deep greens of summer …and the brilliance of gold, orange and reds in late autumn. For the first eighteen years of our marriage, we lived in an 1100 square foot home built in the 1940s…hardwood floors, family history, and, yes, very cozy for five people. Yet, I loved the older neighborhood and to open my shutters every day to gaze upon our red oak dominating the landscape, planted there by my husband’s grandmother (the original homeowner). Thanksgiving was always my favorite moments with our tree…it would put on a flame kissed red coat which reached to the sky. I loved it and will cherish it in my heart forever.

Love the sleeves on the sweater…

I still collect acorns!

As the children grew, the one bathroom became more and more of an issue…just ask our daughter…so I knew we were destined to leave one day. That was when I began to gather acorns and plant them in plastic buckets…we just had to have a red oak wherever the new home would be. Now, I think acorns are really cute, much like small children…and they needed to be nourished,  and this was parenting with a reward. The tree I stand in front of here is one of my bucket trees and reminds me of those precious early days with our family.

What’s really interesting about red oaks is that they are most visible and beautiful AFTER going through tough times. Dry, hot sunny days followed by cool, dry nights will result in the most beautiful color. (I am expecting a lot from these trees this year since that is all we have had down in Texas). It is not the baby red oak that is the most striking…it is the weathered mature red oak.

My bucket tree grows strong and tall in our backyard!

I see myself now much like this tree. I honestly believe that right now, at 58, I am at my best. Yes, I have wrinkles, vericose veins, and a few too many pounds, but the weathering has brought  maturity that I believe keeps me my visible best. The red oak stands up in autumn with great confidence and you cannot help but notice its beauty. May we all stand with that same confidence and squelch the desire to return to our acorn-age, and be proud that we are majestic, beautiful, strong women with a lot of life ahead.

Scarf: Chico’s
Attitudes Earrings: Stein mart
Dana Buchman Bracelet: Kohls

Dollhouse Oxfords:  DSW Clearance ($8.00!!)

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The grass is dead, but the tree
looks great!!


  1. Love the analogy between the red oak and yourself. How does that saying go? "what doesn't kill us makes us stronger." I agree I am better now than earlier in my life too. I don't think your blog likes me, I tried to post a comment on your 'add laughter to your bag' post but couldn't. I did mention it on the post I just wrote.

  2. What a great post, Pam. I love the story of you saving the acorns so your red oaks could come with you. You look marvelous in your Fall outfit, and your new shoes are so cool!

    Thanks for participating in Visible Monday. : )

  3. What a lovely story. I love oaks and acorns. I have some acorns in a basket in my living room that contains many different things that I love such as anasazi pottery sherds, porcupine quills, acorns, toy spurs and several other things. Love your oxfords!

  4. Yes! I think we have a kind of beauty that comes from surviving and triumphing over the vicissitudes of life. We have been challenged and tested, and can show our true colors.

    We don't have much fall foliage color here; it just doesn't get cool enough. But a few years ago I planted a liquidambar tree in direct sight from my kitchen window, one of the few varieties that serves up satisfying fall color. Some of the leaves have begun to turn.

  5. What a wonderful tradition, collecting acorns to take a bit of home with you. And I like the navy column look – very dignified and simple.

  6. I loved this post. The comparison of you with that tree is profound. I totally agree. I've never felt better at 47 and I hope that I will continue to grow strong and wise with age.

    That sweater is great. The sleeve detailing makes it very special. Great find.


  7. What a thoughtful post…I know how attached we are to our trees! We've just spend the weekend at the lake and I snapped many photos of trees in all different colors, and had pondered the changing of seasons…in my life as well.

  8. love the sweater details too! I want to have as great an outlook on aging as you do. I want to worry less and embrace life more!

  9. This was such a lovely post! I love oak trees and acorns and spent my childhood living somewhere there were no oak trees reading about them and becoming fascinated by acorns. Now living in England I always stop to pick them up when I go for autumn walks. Wonderful analogy – I shall think of strong women when I see oak trees now.

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