Found this headband in my daughter’s room and I do
not know where she bought it!!

Every day I take some time to curl up with a fashion magazine. It is the largest one available with incredible pictures… a variety of individual voices and different points of view…more ideas than I thought possible…and on top of all of this, a personal touch. I can actually meet and get to know new friends through this magazine.

The magazine is called the blogosphere! There I discover so many different voices and see inspiration from around the world. If I want to experience Spain, Paris, or Montreal, I have friends who will take me there. Like most successful magazines, I can spend time with clothes, interior design, cooking, travel or even crafts. How much I want from it is endless and completely up to me and the time I choose to give.

Jacket: Macys Clearance $11!
Blouse: Coldwater Creek
Lee Jeans: Kohls
Old Navy Flats

This is how I believe all bloggers should look at what we do….as employees of one big publication. Recently, I have read several emails and blogs voicing frustration with other bloggers for one reason or another. I realize girls will be girls and there will be a little hair pulling, but, really, why are bloggers competitive with one another? We each have an individual voice and mission that we can bring to the entire publication. The more of us that are successful, the more readers we will attract to what we are doing. More blog readers, even on another site, can only benefit the whole.

Simply Vera Bracelet: Kohls
Watch: Target

Who cares if one has more followers…or one does not take comments…or one thinks she is better than others? The one who thinks they are better will most likely disappear soon…pride cometh before the fall.

But, if we support one another and work together, then our whole “publication” will be successful and fly off the stands! I am choosing to focus on what I do…who I desire to reach…and making this blog the best it can be. I choose to support others who do the same, because we can sharpen and build up one another. That can only be a good thing!

With this in mind, I would like to thank Collette of Statements in Fashion for her recent help with my blog and to thank Reva of Revas Rags 2 Roses for sending me two beautiful scarves she no longer wanted.  That’s the real blogger support system I have come to know and love!

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