Colored Tights: It’s OK to Break Some Rules

There is a lot out there in fashion that as a 58-year-old woman I would not want be seen wearing. I would not want my students to say, “There she goes again…trying to look like one of us!” But, colored tights do not fall in that category….I find them to be fun, stylish and age appropriate!

Jacket: Goodwill!
Ralph Lauren Sweater: Macys
Antonio Melani Flats: Dillards

Paula from Fashion Over Fifty mentioned the fact that colored tights are seen as a No-No by several fashion gurus for our age group; and, I might add, so are leggings. In this case, in agreemet with Paula,  I find it completely acceptable to break this rule. It’s fun to step out of our comfort zone and experience life on the edge…or on the at least “on the legs.”

When I do this, I prefer to let the tights be the star of the outfit, so I will go more conservative on top. If I attempt to pattern mix or go with a fun print, then there is just too much going on and the outfit competes against itself. In today’s look, I chose to pick up the maroon stripe in the tights with a simple Ralph Lauren maroon sweater on top.

Simply Vera Control Top Tights

The tights include a touch of silver and gold, so I could’ve taken the jewelry any direction. I chose silver with a fun graphic necklace on top. This is actually another rule breaker. Many stylists will tell women my age to avoid necklaces which fit this snug around the neck…..women of a certain age are never to call attention to their necks…it’s usually the first to wrinkle and sag! However, I feel confident about my neck and I really love the necklace. All of this involves your personal decisions and your comfort level, but I do encourage you to have some fun and break out of your box…in an appropriate way, of course.

Dana Buchman: Silver Toned Hammered Necklace

Now for the best part…all of this fun was so inexpensive and comes to you from the racks of your local Kohl’s! The tights are Simply Vera, the Kohl’s pieces from Vera Wang; and her collection of hosiery and tights is amazing! The necklace is by Dana Buchman for Kohl’s…great jewelry! After I combined the sale prices with an email coupon, each selection was around $8 each! For the quality and style, that’s hard to beat.

It does not cost big bucks to beef up your wardrobe and follow an appropriate trend….it takes courage more than anything…and don’t worry about following all of those fashion rules!

Another pair of Simply Vera tights I
wore HERE

Now, head over to Everybody, Everywear and see all of the fun tights on the most fashionable of the blogosphere:

Everybody, Everywear: Colored Tights


  1. You look fab in these tights. I don't even own one pair. I think I may have to take a look at Kohls. I remember tights as being uncomfortable and always working their way down my legs. Surely they have improved in 40+ years.

  2. Great looks, Pam, and great advice too. I think we of a certain age can wear many trends if we adapt them to our own lifestyles and body-confidence. Like you said, if you feel great about your neck, show it off with beautiful jewelry. I need some patterned tights, now that you mention it : >

  3. Those tights are so cute, I think I will be on the lookout for some. What should I wear if wearing navy skirt/dress, patterned navy tights? Should I look for navy shoes, or would black low boots or shoes work? I am always uncertain of black + navy combinations. Thanks for any help you can give.

  4. As a short person I usually try to keep my tights/shoe combination in similar tones.

    I have several pairs of lacy tights and I've found they last longer if I layer them over a pair with a solid foot. Keeps toes from poking through.

  5. Couldn't agree more, Pam. Love those patterned tights!

    I'm so annoyed with myself — I ALWAYS seem to miss the EBEW boat, no matter how hard I try to pay attention. And I wore colored tights YESTERDAY. Grrr!

  6. i think any age can wear tights as long as you don't wear baby pink tights and a black body suit! (kindergarten ballet anyone?)
    love the pattern in your tights

  7. Love the tights! I was sad to see them on a list of things not to do at our age. Then I decided who says? You look so cute in them. I may not do wild patterns but I'm at least planning to try some tights in fun colors.

  8. I totally agree! I adore tights anyway, but I've been pretty conservative with them, sticking to black, brown, and blue. Your post, and the one you referred to, have inspired me!

    I also agree that if the tights are bold, to go conservative with the rest of the look. But you look amazing in them!

    Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

  9. I know I've told you this before, but Kohl's needs to start giving you a commission, because this is another of the many times I have headed to my Kohl's store because of one of your posts. Simply Vera tights are fabulous. Thanks!

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