Tis the Season of Bling!

Sequined Cami, Velvet Blazer, & Skirt: Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Aerosole T Strap Heels: Marshalls

A day dedicated to sequins?? How much fun is that! I am pleased to join with the ladies of Everything Just So and The Rich Life On A Budget to bring out the sequins even though mine are a bit understated!

This past Tuesday night, I sat in on a phone chat with Deborah Boland and JoJami Tyler (the Glam Gals) from Fabulous After 40 about holiday dressing for women over 40. It was interesting to sit and listen to them give their counsel and also answer questions from 16 of their followers. I will confess that after listening for an hour, I had to get off the phone. But, one thing, they said after a visiting the mall they were overwhelmed with how much sparkle and shine was displayed for the holidays. “I haven’t seen this many sequins and satin since the 1980s,”said Boland. “Don’t be afraid to pick the place you want to accent and put your sparkle there!”

Sequined Bag: Thrifted
Bling Bracelet: Kohls

I enjoyed listening in on the conversation but , according to these ladies, today’s outfit for me is totally wrong! They said that we should avoid wearing black at all costs, because it does not flatter our skin. With this idea in mind, I have added more neutrals to my jackets over the last three years…browns, olive greens, navy blue and greys. But, I still love black. This velvet jacket is about three years old and I have not worn it very much…so I love an opportunity to put it on!!

 They also said that this season, the form fitted, pencil skirt style is in on dresses and skirts, and the skirts with volume are out. In or out….I do like the skirt I am wearing today and feel very confident in it. I also like pencil skirts and believe that this season, there is room for both!!

A few ideas from the call you might want to consider:
1. Satiny, shiny fabrics show every curve and roll and should always be worn with Shapewear.
2. Target sells a version of Spanx, Assets by Susan Blakely, that has a looser (more comfortable) compression and is not as expensive.
3. It is easy to create a holiday look for what you already own…with great accessories…they recommended faux fur collars and shawls; leopard gloves; statement necklaces; and fun tights.
4. They love the current trend of draped dresses. These are “soft, feminine, elegant, and work well with every figure.”
5. These ladies love a Michael Kors gold, open-toed pump for a great holiday shoe

I just listened in as if eavesdropping on a group of women talking in a restaurant about what they will wear for all of the fun holiday parties….and though there were some things said that I might not agree completely with (such as, “nobody makes dresses with sleeves anymore.”), I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wish I could’ve stuck it out all the way to the end.  Overall, I really like all that these ladies are doing…they are certainly busy and on top of things…working to encourage the over 40 woman…something we can all agree on!!

Now, head on over to JILL or ADRIENNE to see how women wear BLING!!! Then put on your courage and have some fun…….

Now for a special announcement:  As of today, I have been married to Mr. Wonderful for 27 years!! Thank you, Mr. B, for being such an amazing father and husband!  I love you!

Here’s Mr. B holding our handsome nephew, Cole, during my daughter’s rehearsal dinner!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    I think your holiday ensemble looks great. It's really not about what's "in" or "out" but what makes you feel sparkling and festive.

  2. The colors in your skirt are fantastic! I think the so called "rules" are meant to be broken 🙂 but I have to agree Satin shows horrible on my lumps and bumps lol…

  3. Hi Pam! First and foremost congrats for your 27th!
    Black looks good on you! fashion experts say to wear a little color around the neck if black is not exactly your color, but i will say it again i like your outfit!

    I found your french T-Shirt for the swap, i am sure you will like it! it has a little bling,ha! ha! ha!

    Ariane xxxxx

  4. Happy Anniversary, Pam!

    I love your outfit and think you pulled off a perfect holiday look. I plan to wear a big full skirt for my next party, so pshaw! to the 'rules.'

  5. First, happy anniversary to you and your husband!
    Second. thank you so very much for playing along with us in our "How I Wear My…" series. I look forward to next month's post!
    Third, I love black and wear it all the time. I gave black up for three weeks back in August and missed it terribly. I know it's not flattering for our skin tone, but I am a committed wearer of black.
    Fourth, thank you for the tip about the Target shape wear. I will have to check it out.
    Lastly, you look fantastic and so festive! That bag was such a great find!

    Have a great day today with your one and only,


  6. Pam Happy Anniversary!! You look great. I think a velvet jacket is so versatile. Try it with a pair of great jeans and pumps, you will be amazed!

    Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways! It is stunning!

    Art by Karena

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and your husband! You look so wonderful, I love black velvet and I think you knocked it out of the park with how you added sequins to velvet. I'm dying! XO, Jill

  8. Wow, 27 years is an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations to both of you!

    On sequins: I like them as a tiny unexpected accent on a fabric. Sometimes you see them, sometimes you don't. I am however trying to be a "bad influence" on my young niece by sending her lots of sparkly, sequined things. (Her mother does not approve!)

    On shapewear: are they kidding? We are supposed to be getting more comfortable with our bodies, not trying to cinch them up, down, or in. I'm uncomfortable enough without a layer of tight unbreathable elastic stuck to me.

    On velvet: Yes! Love it! It adds a lot to a formalor casualoutfit. You look great.

  9. This made me laugh: "“I haven’t seen this many sequins and satin since the 1980s."

    Happy anniversary! I like that you have a MrB too…

  10. Happy Anniversary Pam! My 25th is in a few days–what a great accomplishment in a time of so many break-ups, no?
    I'm a rule breaker, and as much as I follow Deb and JoJami–they do have too many rules for my style. But good guidlines for most. We know to wear what makes us feel good.
    Oh, and I love your larger pictures and I love the spot you took your pics! big improvement!

  11. You look great! I would be naked if I couldn't wear black! That is the bulk of my wardrobe. The heck with that rule! Congrats on your anniversary! Hope you guys were able to celebrate in style!

  12. You look fabulous, and QUIT TELLING EVERYONE YOUR AGE !!!! Next year just repeat your birthdate again, don't get older. We even celebrated someone's 17th anniversary of their 50th birthday.
    It was wonderful! Thank you for posting the lovely photo of my earrings, Pam. I do appreciate it so much. Texas girls gotta stick together. Love to Mr. B and Happy Anniversary.

  13. Happy Anniversary. It is wonderful to have someone you love to share your life with.
    You look really great in this outfit. I think the skirt is amazing on you and the black velvet blazer is a classic. (I love black velvet with blue jeans.)
    While I enjoy listening and reading the style experts I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to make a set of rules that fits everyone. It is interesting to ponder the things they tell us but I think following your Foundational Five is what works for you and I have yet to see you in anything that is not spot on lovely.

  14. Black is beautiful, I also like black, pencil skirts are trendy fashion is a return to the 40, 50….You look wonderfully. And congratulates all the best for You and husband.

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