Jana Kos Coat
Liz Claiborne blouse: Marshalls
Lane Bryant Denim Skirt and Tights
Boots: Ross
Simply Vera Bag: Kohls
Neckalace: Stein Mart

I hope you enjoyed all of the posts on life in San Antonio…you can certainly see that it is a city exploding in color…our Hispanic heritage rejoices over color!

Experimenting with color was within one of my goals for this past year. Last January, I wrote eleven posts with eleven priorities I wanted to set for 2011. The list included:

1. Choose joy…no matter the circumstances. I want to be a survivor…not a victim!

2. Learn more about technology; and, as much about social media as I have time to pursue.

3. Get out into the community and cover stories for the readers of this blog

4. Be courageous with my fashion choices and occasionally step out of my comfort zone

5. Get healthier.

6. Remember, as a teacher, I am a role model for high school students, and for work, I need to dress in professional, confident, strong, appropriate styles.

7. Meet someone new every day either through a new blog or out in the community covering stories.

8. Take better photos and have more of me taken outside of my classroom

There are so  many fun things to take pictures of…like these decorations at River Center Mall!

9. Reflect sophistication…an image of an educated, dignified, confident woman when in the community

This is what I wore last week to interview a local jewelry designer!  Hope to bring you
that story next week!

10. Make more purchases at consignment and thrift shops.

11. Get organized and stay organized.

I confess that when I typed number eleven, I laughed out loud! I have organized and re-organized (and am currently unorganized) several times over the year. But, all in all, looking back over this list, I think I did pretty good. Number two still frustrates me. I have so much to learn and so little time, but I definitely know more than I did this time last year. Don’t worry, I am not about to hit you with twelve posts for 2012, but I do hope that by this weekend I can set some goals for next year.

How do you think you did with your goals for 2011? Please share!!

There are splashes of color all around…lots of inspiration to keep it going.  This is San Fernando Cathedral in downtown San Antonio!

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