Inside Out…Selecting the Coat on Top

Jones of New York Signature Coat: Ross
Leather Gloves: Stein Mart

South Texas has already experienced more cold weather, prior to Christmas, than we had last year and I love it! I realize there are some of you who tire of the cold really soon, but for us, any cold weather is a blessing! This year I am fortunate to have two nice coats:

1. My orange Jana Kos Coat

2. A Jones of New York Signature Coat originally purchased at Ross two summers ago!

It’s fun to own two coats and have enough weather that I get to choose which one is best for the outfit I am wearing each day! Today I went with the JNY Coat because the orange one just might make me look a little Halloweeny with my black underneath, and, anyway, I love black and brown together. I try to give the entire look consideration and not just throw on any coat….unless I am rushed more than usual in the mornings.

Black Jacket and Pin Striped Pants: Lane Bryant
Gray Simply Vera T: Kohls
Liz Claiborne Boots: Marshalls

I was in Goodwill the other day and they were overloaded with coats…two are really enough for the weather we experience, but if I lived up north I just might hit the thrift stores and own more than two.

Betsy Johnson Scarf: Stein Mart
Attitudes Bracelet: Stein Mart

Does anyone else consider your dress from the inside out when selecting a coat?

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One More Snowman!!


  1. Unfortunately, my coats are in need of a serious upgrade. And I don't think nice coats are as easily found secondhand here in the frozen North! I would love to be able to choose from more than one option. Both of those coats are just gorgeous, Pam. Love them!

  2. Love the rustic table setting…..still working on decorations here. That jacket looks great! I have lots of jackets (not winter ones tho), the only time I consider what I am wearing is when I am going somewhere other than work or running errands in town. Unfortunately, for my wallet, I like options.

  3. I am a Texan that loves coats. too bad we don't get to wear them often enough. I definitely consider which one to put on with the outfit I am wearing. My fave—-black leather jacket with the gorgeous Burberry cashmere scarf that hubby bought for me.

    Love the blog and you have inspired me to up the ante on my wardrobe from frump to fab. Somebody actually said I was "smartly turned out" when I went to lunch the other day. Loved it!!

  4. I like that coat. Good choice. It looks like a fun one. I have a ton of coats, because I never get rid of them. But you know what? I don't wear all that many, because I can't stand to be so bundled up. It just makes me feel like I am so constricted, especially if I have to drive.

  5. I really love your coat – what a great collar! Here in Phx it's about the same – 2 or 3 coat days per year, except this year! Lows in the 30s the last couple of days, so all the coats are coming out early.

  6. Hello Miss Pam 🙂 I love your camel plaid, the collar is beautiful! Thank you for the kind comment! I am pleased to hear that you are willing to share my blog with the younger set! So are you ready for this?? I am actually 30 🙂

  7. i love coats but it just doesn't get and stay cold enough here in Charlotte to justify a coat wardrobe
    i have my fab pink coat and a nice conservative gray one.
    wish i had more!

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