Green Blouse:  Coldwater Creek
Ellen Tracy Wool Jacket: Goodwill
Tweed Skirt:  Lane Bryant
Spanx Tights: Nordstroms
Liz Claiborne Boots:  Marshalls

I’ve already told you that I like the new ABC TV show The Revolution Tim Gunn’s segment of this show is called the Timtervention…where he swoops in and encourages women to look and feel their best. During their premiere, Tim said that many women get into a style rut by focusing on their negatives….

I’m too fat…

I’m ugly…

My hips are huge!…

you get my drift.

He encouraged women to get a fresh start with style by accentuating their positives…focus on the strengths!! I began to do this a few years back when I went through my reinvention! First, I decided, I like my eyes! So, I experimented with makeup and learned that various shades of purple make my eyes POP!

Scarf:  Marshalls
Premiere Jewelry Bracelet

Then, I decided that an open neckline was flattering and in some ways slimming! I know that I am a scarf addict, but I really look my best with a V neck or open neck such as the one I am wearing today. Gigi has great legs, so I pictured them here in the cutest polka dot sheer tights.

Gigi’s positives!!!

So, tell me…what your strengths are and if are you dressing to accentuate them!!

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