Classic Visiblity: The Trench

London Fog Trench: Stein Mart
Black Lee Jeans: Kohls

“With jeans, dinner-suit pants, over a little black dress – is there any occasion when a trench coat will not do? It goes over everything and with everything!”

-Ines de la Fressange in Parisian Chic

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Today’s outfit may be a bit toned down for VISIBLE MONDAY, but great classic pieces will always turn a head. I have been searching for a classic trench coat for a long time. Now, I know it is easy to find quality trench coats, but the stickler has always been price. Until, last week…with my last portion of Christmas money I found this London Fog trench on a 50% off rack at Stein Mart. Score!  Though it is a shorter version, it’s perfect for our weather in South Texas.  If I was in a wetter climate, I might have held out for the longer length.

I wasn’t sure about the belt, because I really did not like it belted, so I turned to Ines for suggestions. In Parisian Chic, she writes:

“Never, ever buckle the belt properly like a good little girl. Tie it in front or behind with the buckle hanging loose. Unobtrusive fashion statements like this (Life’s too short, or the buckle’s broken but I love this coat so much I found a solution…) are very, very Parisian.”

Tortise Shell Bracelet:  Chicos

 Classic pieces such as the trench coat, pencil skirts, a great white collared shirt, and pearls are very visual and can always be counted on for perfect style!! I have seen many colored trench coats which were affordable, but I have literally waited for three years to find this one. So happy!

Liz Claiborne Boots:  Marshalls

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  1. Pam, it's almost scary how in sync you and I have been lately! I almost posted myself in a trench I wore this week! But I have to say, I didn't look NEARLY as fabulous as you do! GORGEOUS definitely classic! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  2. Pam, you look beautiful in the trench. Very classic and chic.
    As to the commenting problems. I have been experiencing them as well. The only way I can comment on some blogs is to use Google Chrome browser. I am still on Windows Vista and can't upgrade Internet Explorer. I suspect that is part of the problem. It seemed that the comment problem started for me when blogger updated to allow inline replies.

  3. Pam, great looking trench and I agree, never fasten the belt! I don't know if you're using Internet Explorer, but I found a couple of months ago that it's no longer supported by Blogger, so comments wouldn't go through. On our Windows computers, I downloaded Chrome internet browser and haven't had any problems since.

  4. Gorgeous coat! I agree, a trench is always correct. I finally succumbed to one this past fall, and it was the right choice. I also love how it looks amazing no matter the age of the wearer–that means I can wear it forever.

  5. You are looking very French there in Texas. A trench IS an important part of one's wardrobe. My primary winter coat is a knee length down trench and just as Inez suggests, it is buckled in the back. This is a great find. I use Mozilla Firefox for my browser.

  6. I've had trouble with comments on some blogs too. The Google/blooger help FAQ isn't very helpful. Seems like it could be when the comments are embedded, but I don't have trouble on every blog with embedded comments. I rue the day I upgraded to IE9 and may go for Chrome.

    I usually tie a coat belt behind me. It gives a tad a definition at the waist and the belt doesn't come loose and get lost. If the buckle pulls the belt down too much I'll knot or pin it at the belt loops so the tension on the belt stays right.

  7. Congratulations on your find! I love my trench coats and wear them often this time of year. You are so smart to buy a shorter one. I can't imagine you would get much wear out of a full-length trench.

    Looking chic and classic as always, Pam. xoxo, Adrienne

  8. Try switching Browsers. They said it helps if you are not using IE or AOL. Google Chrome is what I started using. Also changing your comments to POP UP or Full Page works better than the embedded ones at bottom of each page. Once I did these things and my friends did them it was easy to access pages and comment. Good Luck. Love the Trench Coat. It is fabulous.

  9. I love them! I have a full length trench for actual rain, and a short one which is cute as an alternative to blazer or cardigan.

    I have been having intermittent trouble with comments too. It's only some of the time, and only on some people's blogs, but it did start when Blogger announced the new "reply" function. I've tried changing several different settings, and have yet to find the solution. Hope you can get yours figured out!

  10. oh la la! there's nothing I love more than a classic chic Parisian outfit! love the crisp white shirt and trench! beautiful!
    and I agree, never buckle the trench

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