It’s Friday!!!
Scarf: Marshalls
Grey Sweater: Ross
Brown, pinstripe jacket: Macys
Lee Jeans: Kohls
Flats: Old Navy

Crossing over that line at 50, and realizing, at most, one half of your life may be over, can bring on a touch of rebelliousness!! For example, on Fridays at the school where we work, all faculty are asked to wear school spirit shirts and jeans. Gigi and I struggle with this one just a bit…we love the jeans part…it is just the spirit shirt where we really throw obedience out the window!! I do not want to spend Act II in a spirit polo…but I love the idea of a well styled casual look on Fridays! So far, no one has complained that we are dressing up a bit!

Bracelet:  Forever 21 (years back)

JC Penney’s Rebels Against Sales:

Now, I am just curious…but have you seen the new strategy from JC Penney’s…..the NO MORE SALES ever strategy.

Their ads feature over-taxed shoppers inundated with sales brochures and coupons, screaming….and conclude with the words ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….JCP.

I know they are attacking the ALL SALES-ALL THE TIME Strategy of Kohls. But I am not so sure that it will work…psychologically, I love getting a great deal at KOHLS during Power Hours with my combination of coupons from online-newspaper-text alert-see how low you can go strategy!!  Also, I like what Kohls offers…such as the great Simply Vera (Wang) look from Gigi today!

Gigi’s Friday Look features Simply Vera from Kohls:
blouse and belt

 JCP now says they will have low prices all of the time….40% off always. But, I am not sure they have quality merchandise that makes me want to experience the low prices. In recent months, I have seen the selection to be less than desirable.  This doesn’t motivate me to shop there…what about you?

What do you think?? Will the new strategy work??

Happy Weekend!!

Saturday Morning Breaking News:

Brett shared this article about JCP also stepping up their style!  Looks pretty good and the article author was even amazed….read here!!  JCP’S Cute CLothes!

Thanks Brett!!

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